Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Hour strikes; women, minorities hardest hit

Headquarters, Earth Hour Is
Our Hour Foundation

While cursing the darkness of unredeemed mankind still wedded to the convenience of electric light, a Canadian family lit a candle.

Earth Hour candle sets Mississauga townhouse ablaze

A Mississauga family who tried to light a candle for Earth Hour nearly burned their Meadowvale townhouse down.

Afshan Khalid, 46, said her 8-year-old daughter tried to light a candle before Earth Hour started at 8:30 p.m. Saturday. “She was lighting up the candle and we thought it didn’t light up or the match fell somewhere that we didn’t notice and then we left,” said Ms. Khalid. The family was going to see friends and when getting ready, they lighted scented candles so they could see.

If you read pre-20th century history, you are constantly reminded of homes, towns, churches, ancient buildings, and cities (cf. London, 1666) catching fire and being reduced to ashes. It wasn't unusual in old times for cathedrals to be rebuilt several times, century after century, having burned to the ground.

Then that reprobate Edison came along and invented his damn bulb and everything went to electric double-plus-un-Greenness.

Finally the trend is being reversed. Earth Hour promises salvation, after the smoke clears.



David said...

Rick...there's a related post/discussion at Chicago Boyz.

Rick Darby said...

That's a good piece at Chicago Boyz. I recommend it to my readers.