Monday, March 02, 2009

Scotland the formerly brave


In Scotland, Muslim victims of crime get priority over other crime victims. (Tip of the hat: Gates of Vienna)
... A senior officer revealed that the race and religion of a victim has now become a crucial factor in how police respond to crime.

Inspector Tom Galbraith, of Lothian and Borders Police’s diversity unit, told a conference on tackling terrorism that it was important to stop Scottish Muslims feeling “vulnerable” in case they were driven towards radicalism.

No one seems to have considered that Muslims might be driven towards radicalism by observing a weak society's favoritism toward them and signals that law enforcement will be bent in their favor. To anyone with inclinations toward jihad, the lesson is obvious: these Scottish infidels are pushovers. They want to be dhimmis. We can accommodate them.

Is the spirit of Robert the Bruce and Rob Roy MacGregor dead in Scotland, or only among Scotland's quisling politicians?
Speaking at a national security conference in Edinburgh on Thursday, Mr. Galbraith said, “It is not about treating everybody the same. If I have a young Asian man who has been subjected to a hate crime, I would rather put more resources into that than if it had happened to a white male because the white male is far less likely to end up becoming radicalised.”
Oh, aye? We'll see, laddie.



zazie said...

"A Scottish Muslim"???
That phrase is either unbearably absurd, or absurdly unbearable ; take your pick!

Rick Darby said...


I do not believe this kind of pandering to Muslims represents the thinking of most Scottish people, only their dhimmi rulers.

The U.K. government — or rathr governments, since Scotland has its own parliament now — don't know what a dangerous game they are playing. In bowing low to the Muslims, they are exposing their backsides to the rest of their population.