Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Democrats' crime boss wants us all to be "gentlemanly"



And what would you like
for the folks in Louisiana, little girl?

Harry Reid, the Democrats' Senate Godfather, having sold his honor and soul for 60 votes, is preaching sweetness and light.
Reid made an appeal for more civility on the Senate floor, after the rancorous debate so far on the health care bill.

“I would hope that everyone would go back to their gentlemanly ways,” Reid said. “And I hope everyone will, as I’ve said to a number of people, [recall] Rodney King: ‘Let’s just all try to get along.’ "
Gentlemanly ways? This from the man who threatened to politically kneecap every Senator of his party who didn't bow before government-directed health care? Who flagrantly, shamelessly, bribed Senators from Louisiana (wags are calling it "the Louisiana Purchase") and Nebraska with your money to take back to their states? Who cites as a role model a criminal who led the police on a high-speed chase while stoned to the eyeballs on PCP?

This from the man who compared recalcitrant opponents of the health care bill to slaveholders? Who told a Las Vegas newspaper, "I hope you go out of business"?
Reid continued: "This is a very difficult time in the next day or so, and let's try to work though this. For those of the Christian faith, we have a most important holiday and that is Christmas, and I hope everyone would keep in mind that's a time when we reflect on peace and good things in life, and I would hope that everyone would kind of set aside all their personal animosity, if in fact they have any in the next couple days, and focus on that holiday."
Well, Senator, isn't that special. How about setting aside your Putsch until the country has had time to examine all two thousand and whatever pages of the offer we can't refuse? But no, you have scheduled the night of the living dead for Christmas Eve, unless you can intimidate your colleagues into rubber stamping the bill sooner.

I am happy to reflect on peace and good things in this season. I have a special wish for you: I hope you go out of business.


12.23 The demolition job on America that the False Messiah and his twisted followers have perpetrated in less than a year is breathtaking in scale. Its momentum is of the kind that only dementia can propel. I was frustrated in writing the post above, because my protest felt like no more than a tiny squeak compared to the enormity of what is being done every day to smash the U.S. Constitution, enfeeble the middle class for the benefit of bankmasters and immigrants from backward countries, and bring on state-run corporatism as a prelude to soft totalitarianism.

Takuan Seiyo has surveyed the big picture in his latest entry in the series "From Meccania to Atlantis." Like previous installments, it can seem more like a poison pen letter than a reasoned analysis. But in its fierce invective, I'm afraid there is far more truth than is comfortable.


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Anonymous said...

They only ask for civilty when it it's advantageous to them. When it's not advantageous, the gloves are off. What a joke.