Friday, March 19, 2010

From opposition to resistance

The Obama coup d’état is no longer a matter for opposition. Opposition implies a normal political process, with various preferences and interests given their due. Our president and his running dogs, Reid and Pelosi, have abandoned the constitutional mode of government that has served the United States since 1789. He has thrown off the mask that he wore during his campaign, to reveal himself as an ideological fanatic with an unquenchable desire to fill his inner emptiness by the only kind of achievement he can relate to — transforming the nation into a Marxist superstate.

Opposition must move on to the next stage: resistance.

This politician with the mentality of a Chicago mob boss must not be allowed to undo the work of many generations of free Americans. History calls us to honor our past and defend our future. The Obama pathology must be resisted by every legal means possible — yes, legal means, even though our would-be overlord wants to pass his healthcare takeover by tactics that are, at best, of dubious legality.

It isn't just the healthcare bill that Obama would inflict on us against the wishes of the majority of citizens, through bribing members of his own party with taxpayer money and making an end run around the Constitution's clearly stated procedures for passing legislation.

He has shown again and again he is beyond foolish in matters of national defense, catering to hostile regimes while alienating allies.

He is once again crafting plans to legalize border jumpers who entered the country illegally.

He is creating his own force of malleable youth and ex-convicts.

He is restoring funds for ACORN, the voter intimidation and fraud squad, while ignoring Congress's ban on the funding.

He was only narrowly thwarted — and perhaps temporarily — in conniving with his attorney general's plan to give the organizer of the September 11 attacks a civilian trial in New York, a few blocks from the scene of the carnage. Obama does not believe we are at war with Muslim fanaticism. As far as he's concerned, 9/11 and other attacks are mere offenses, like large-scale littering.

He has given the cold shoulder to, even insulted, Israel — a tiny enclave of freedom in the midst of millions of Muslims who want it wiped off the map.

There's more, but all the other examples are just further evidence of Obama's perpetual identity crisis and disloyalty to the oath he swore on taking office.

He is a everything the collectively brilliant and liberty loving minds who created this country sought to make impossible. We, unlike Obama, will remain honorable, but resist.




Marcus said...

Well, it passed. Now what? If America becomes a genuinely socialist country, why not move to Europe, which has superior culture, a more pleasant quotidian existence, more feminine women, better food and a bureaucracy run by competent white people? What will a socialist America look like? An urban post office.

Russians waited in line 2 hours a day (5 years in a lifetime) for goods and "services." Some of those people included world class minds and talents. Imagine the people WE will wait in line with?

Time to dust off my Italian passport, me thinks. Unpatriotic? Perhaps, but allegiance to a dead thing is insane. Watching Easy Rider last night, a film released three years before my birth, it struck me how much this nation has changed, demographically and in terms of physical freedom, in my short life. Sad.

I'm sure Reflecting Light will have more to say on our Obamafied future. I've lit a candle - genuinely.

Rick Darby said...


An Italian passport? You're in luck! If you understand the Italian way of life and feel comfortable with it, that could be a terrific escape hatch. For all its quirks, some of which are irritating, Italy offers a wonderful alternative for an expatriate.