Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another blog posting; women, minorities hardest hit

It is astonishing how the lame-brain media never get the joke that they have become. They are still self-crowned Napoleons on St. Helena island, issuing orders to legions that have long since deserted them.

One of their favorite tropes, now so old it should be in a museum of journalism, is that whatever the subject, it's more of a problem or issue for women and minorities, those two sacred cows of the captive media. I'm sure you've heard the joke, itself now elderly: "Asteroid to destroy earth tomorrow; women, minorities hardest hit."

True to form, USA Today says:

'Don't ask, don't tell' affects women, minorities more

Does the left-lurching giant USA Today not have a single copyeditor who can grasp how foolish this repetitive, mindless tic makes the paper of stuck record sound?



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Rick Darby said...

Wow, the vultures are out in force today. Sourav and Greg, why don't you try leaving flyers in phone booths, like evangelists telling us to repent because the end of the world is at hand? No, you probably couldn't afford to print a flyer.