Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Washington has finally listened to me

On May 31, 2007, I wrote a posting headed:

Needed: a troop surge in Tucson

In today's New York Times:

Obama to Send up to 1,200 Troops to Border

Was it only a week ago that Barack "They Don't Have to Show You No Stinkin' ID" Kenyatta was embracing his pal Calderone? When Democrats in Congress gave El Jefe Mexicano standing applause when he spanked Arizona for resisting the spread of the Aztlan Empire? It's a good job Barack finally caught up with my 2007 entry or he might be in bigger trouble with "his" country than he is already.

Of course "up to" means up to, like maybe a few hundred National Guard quartermasters and jeep mechanics. Of course it's no more than a symbolic gesture that Kenyatta and his handlers hope will take some of the heat off them. ("The troops will be stationed in the four border states for a year, White House officials said. It is not certain when they will arrive, the officials said.")

I think U.S. patriots have won a round. This has got to be a root canal for the open borders advocates. Regardless of his motivations, a president has been forced to acknowledge that the Mexican Invasion is real and enough of a danger to send in the National Guard.

Back when I wrote the first posting, Generalissimo Jorge W. Bush and his ruling junta were still babbling about the Mexican colonists bringing family values, honest toil, and better tortillas to El Norte.

Things have gotten a lot worse since then. But to everyone who has stood fast against population replacement: congratulations. This isn't by any means a final victory, but it's a victory.



IlĂ­on said...

This is what the Mexican elites are hoping to pull off, and with which our elites are cooperating.

AWOL Civilization said...

Finally, some signs of life from the citizenry. The action taken by Arizona gives one hope that we're not all going to lie down and die as the Obamunist machine crushes all opposition.

Here's a more humorous look at the situation in Arizona.