Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sanctuary city calls immigration agents for help

Oooh ee, oooh ee baby, let me take you on a Santa Cruz.

Even in the upside-down, inside-out world of pathological multi-culturalism, Santa Cruz, California has earned itself a special distinction.

Santa Cruz, the Molten State's mother church of latter-day hippies and reflexively leftist-ultraGreen-race replacement politics, is a "sanctuary city."

Santa Cruz first came out against immigration raids in the early 1980s, Rotkin said, after about 20 federal agents raided Beach Flats at once.

"After that the city passed a resolution that said we encourage the immigration agents to stay out of Santa Cruz, we don't appreciate the role that they play in terrorizing the Latino neighborhood," Rotkin said.

The City Council in 2007 reaffirmed that position after immigration officers arrested 107 people in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Hollister the previous year. Santa Cruz police do not keep statistics on the number of illegal residents in the city, or if those they arrest are here legally, said department spokesman Zach Friend.

As an aside: it's interesting how many government agencies fail to keep statistics about things they want to keep inside the family. I'll bet the Santa Cruz police department could, if they felt like it, tell you to the hour how much leave has accrued to each of its officers, or to the penny the cost for each form a cop fills out after making a traffic stop.

Back to Santa Cruz: The Dementia Story. Are you ready for this?

SANTA CRUZ - Besieged by unsolved gang violence, Santa Cruz police turned to federal immigration agents for help this week.

Beginning Tuesday, a team of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are working with the Police Department to investigate gang crime in the city, Santa Cruz Police Chief Howard Skerry announced Wednesday.

"We've reached a point where I, as chief, will call in every available resource," Skerry said. "The whole focus of this is to find out who committed these crimes and bring them to justice." Carl Reimer, 19, died April 17 after being shot three times by suspected gang members in a Westside park area. No arrests have been made. There also are outstanding suspects in three other gang-related homicides in the city dating back to October.

I almost feel sorry for Chief Skerry. It must be humiliating in some rarely visited corner of his soul to know that he owes his job to being an accomplice to a locality giving sanctuary to criminals. And then, to compound his misery, having to call in the hated immigration enforcement agents.

"I'm looking to solve crime, so they're coming in and they're going to help me," Skerry said.

You're looking to solve crime? You, representing the forces of law in a city that has openly and systematically provided a haven for illegals since 1982?

This country, or the portion of it that is Loony Left occupied territory, specializes in self-inflicted wounds. We invite Muslims to obtain HB-1 visas and become freshly minted U.S. citizens, then express shock and incomprehension when they shoot our soldiers and try to decompose Times Square. Santa Cruz indulges itself in moral posturing about immigration, but when immigrant gangs terminate some of its residents, it seeks help from the immigration control agency it has sneered at for longer than the lifespans of most of the U.C. students who provide local color.

What is wrong with us? Why must we again and again invite trouble and then wait for it to happen before proclaiming that we will "bring to justice" the perps? The answer, of course, is in the first nine of the 10 liberal commandments: "Thou shalt not discriminate, even when a drop of common sense would tell you that some people and groups are far more likely to create mayhem than others." (The 10th commandment: "When members of a protected group commit a crime, thou shalt insist it was inexplicable and random, or the work of right-wing extremists.")


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Martin B said...

Apropos of this topic, an article today in the Washington Post. Put it in the file marked "Cultural Diversity", subheading "Vibrant".

"Mexico: 3 beheaded bodies found outside Acapulco

The Associated Press
Saturday, May 8, 2010; 2:22 PM

ACAPULCO, Mexico -- Mexican police are investigating the murders of three men whose bodies were found tortured and headless near the beachside resorts of Acapulco.

A Saturday statement from police in Guerrero state says the victims were in their 20s and 30s. Neither their identities nor a motive has been determined.

They were found on a peninsula a few miles south of the city.

The U.S. State Department warned this week that parts of southern Guerrero state could be dangerous for travelers due to drug violence.

More than 22,700 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against cartels in December 2006."