Thursday, September 30, 2010

U.S. turns to Web censorship to fight man-caused disasters

The government will stop at nothing to prevent terrorism — pardon, Ms. Napolitano, "man-caused disasters" — nothing, I tell you, except keeping potential terrorists out of the country. That would be discrimination. Shutting down Web sites — now, that's a different story.

The Los Angeles Times reports:
Militant websites are becoming more accessible and appealing to Americans, experts told members of Congress on Wednesday, adding that the sites must be monitored and some should be shut down. …

Militant websites are said to have influenced several recent terrorist acts in the U.S., said Mansour Hadj, director of the Middle East program at the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Hadj said YouTube is a "primary clearing house" for Anwar Awlaki, an American who is among the most wanted terrorists. Awlaki was apparently in touch with U.S. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, accused of killing 13 people at Ft. Hood, Texas, in November. After Awlaki's website was shut down, videos from it were moved to YouTube, which removed them just hours after the November shootings, Hadj said.
Of course, we could stop importing Muslims, some of whom will be terrorist plotters, in our masters' grand scheme of population replacement. 

The "progressives" bristle at the idea of any kind of immigration restriction, but go into cardiac arrest at the suggestion of refusing immigrants whose political-religious system is incompatible with American values. And our state security agencies go right along. Better to have NSA computers listening in on every phone conversation and reading every e-mail. Better to run every airline passenger (except Muslims) through a degrading security clearance for every flight. Random searches of commuters, that's the ticket. And shut down Web sites and YouTube videos.

It's true that the enemy uses electronic media for recruitment and training. What good would it do them if we didn't invite them to send sleeper cells into the U.S.? Why not simply stop allowing the "militants" to establish colonies here? But our politically correct rulers, with the potential power to shut down any Web site, would rather put all Americans through the wringer than offend Muslim opinion. They see themselves as defenders of Islam, not America.

I predict that, unless there is a change of course, restrictions on free speech will get tighter and tighter (just like in the U.K., where objecting to Muslim immigration is a "hate crime") the more home-grown man-caused disasters there are.

What do you do if a pipe bursts in your house and it's flooding the place? If you're stupid, you bail out the water. If you're smart, you shut off the flow.



Anonymous said...

This is the millionth example of how the false freedom of open borders crowds out the real freedoms, such as free speech, that defined our way of life until recently.

Rick Darby said...

Well said, Chris.