Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am leaving the United States

... for a week and a half. On vacation.

I may do some remote posting if convenient Web access is available. I still do not own a laptop or tablet. I will take no camera, iPod, iPad, or the rest of the clobber tourists feel they must stay connected to.

My best wishes till we meet again.



Dennis Mangan said...

Hope you enjoy your undisclosed location!

Martin B said...

Bon Voyage, Rick. Safe Travels.

zazie said...

Why "no camera" ? I remember the views of Venice ; they were nice!
Are you vacationing in Afghanistan, or some similar place? LOL!
Anyway, have a nice holiday!

Rick Darby said...

Oh, Zazie, you know where I am.

Who needs a camera?

Dennis and Martin B,

Thanks very much.