Sunday, October 02, 2011

Is Le Pen mightier than the sword?


The last time I wrote about Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's Front National who is seeking the presidency, I suggested that "France -- yes, France -- will be the first to stop Islamization."

Will Le Pen turn out to be mightier than the sword of Islam and Europe's ruling class?

I can hardly lay claim to deep knowledge of France's politics, nor do I follow its developments closely, so take this with due caution. Now and then, however, I check what the English-language media report.

Here's a story published a few days ago in The Telegraph, which is what passes for a conservative paper in Britain -- a little less cultural Marxism, please.

To the Telegraph, Le Pen is "the devil's daughter" ("as she has been called," in the reporter's weaselly formulation). It would probably call her the devil in female form, were the devil's title not already assigned to her father, the sourly nativist Jean-Marie Le Pen.

The devil's daughter is quoted:
Miss Le Pen's election strategy is to deflect from traditional Left-Right arguments. Today, she says, the only sensible division is between those who believe in national interests and those who believe in globalisation. 

"The Left/Right division makes no sense because they both think the same way – about the euro and the European Union for example – and they both have the same solutions that don't work," she said.
Touché. One of the strangest, and most alarming, signs of our times is that political left-right distinctions have become almost meaningless, as have political party differences. In the United States, there is one party with an Evil wing and a Stupid wing. In France -- Marine Le Pen aside -- it's More Left and Less Left.
"I say the euro is dead. The euro is a stalemate and has brought nothing but pitiful results in both the economic field and the social field in the last ten years. The current sovereign debt crisis means we are called to show solidarity with countries that we cannot bail out because we don't have the means. It's not possible. I would prefer to anticipate our exit from the euro and prepare for it than to wait for it to happen and suffer it. If we wait for the euro to collapse it will be an economic and social catastrophe."
The euro very likely will collapse. The banking cartel that owns the governments will put off the day of reckoning with loans, schemes, agreements, and fantasy, but that will only supercharge the eventual blow-up. Imagine, a politician who wants her country to face reality instead of playing let's-pretend. 
"I believe the people are with me on this. The French are against the bail-out plan, so are the Germans and Italians. There will come a moment when people will take power from their leaders." 
As far as the EU seigneurs are concerned, what the people want is none of the people's business. The Eurocrats would rather the reap the whirlwind than allow one micron of the EU's centralized, undemocratic power to be lost.


Asked what she believes is the greatest menace to France, she is quick to respond and unequivocal: the European Union and immigration.
"The greatest threat is the loss of our freedom as people because we can see that in reality the European Union has become another Soviet Union constructed without the people and sometimes against the people. It makes decisions and our democracy has disappeared; we French people cannot decide on our own future, it's a bureaucrat or technocrat who decides in our place.

"The other great danger is massive immigration that will result in the loss of our identity. I am madly in love with the idea of there being a diversity of nations, but for nations to be diverse their people have to stay together. It is not a lack of respect or hatred for foreigners, but I want Malians to remain Malians and defend the language and identity of Mali, Americans to stay Americans, the Chinese, Chinese and the French, French." 
For the international Leftist Establishment, such talk is straight out of a horror film. It would probably get her arrested in the U.K., Sweden, Norway, Austria ...


"There will come a moment when people will take power from their leaders." But what will happen when the Eurocrats sense the inconceivable happening: the end of their regime? How far will they carry their repression? Will they speed up the conveyor belt of Muslim immigration to improve their odds against the French French? Criminalize Marine Le Pen? Criminalize all the French who aren't part of the globalist elite?

Marine Le Pen has two things going for her. First, she speaks her mind without the usual politician's equivocation, a quality people are starved for. Second, she's good looking. Don't underestimate the importance of that.



Anonymous said...

I believe you are right. France will be the first to stop Islamisation. And when that happens, the rest of Europe will follow.

That was my contention years ago, at the time when France was being a "called a cheese eating surrender monkey". I had a huge argument with the entire LGF crowd, who were all passionately against France for not joining in the Iraq campaign.

Germany, though the most powerful country in Europe, is limited by its past to stop Islamisation. To stop Islamisation, a country has to be confident in its own culture and civilisation, and refuses to be bullied or browbeaten. France has all these.

It is also quite likely that England will not follow France.

Sheila said...

I wish her well. For France to truly resist Islamisation/immivasion, it will need the will to back its laws with force. Given that a group of French policemen were recently surrounded by a mob and stoned when they tried to arrest a woman for wearing a burqa, I don't see that will at this time. Of course, a burqa ban wouldn't be necessary if Muslim immigration was stopped and present immigrants deported. It will take a massive electoral shift for Le Pen to win enough support and power to effect genuine change. When/if that happens, TPTB will bring out the big guns, and then all bets are off. Whichever side is willing to fight no holds barred, to the end, will end up successful. I can only pray that, in this case, it isn't the nationalists who bring a sword to a gun fight.

Stogie said...

The Pens receive enormous amounts of bad publicity from the left, but Mmslle Pen makes a lot of sense.

If I moved to France, I would become fluent in the language as soon as possible.

Sebastian said...

So glad to read your post on Marine Le Pen after glancing over that insufferable bit of perma-bachelor priggishness on her at View From the Right. Ugh!

She's wonderful and, bet you missed this, will be meeting with Ron Paul later this month. Interesting. My Berlusconi, a little ridiculous, yes, but effective and good on immigration, has won a temporary vote of confidence and is continuing deportations - and not just from Lampedusa. Viva Italia et la France.