Monday, December 05, 2011

The multi-cultural theocracy


I'm going to leave this posting on the front lines for a few days because I think it's about one of those potentially game-changing moments when subsurface issues and feelings appear dramatically in the open. 

The posting was a product of some labor on my part, revised several times to try to convey the right tone. There is a little picture and a big picture in Emma West's story. The little picture is that she acted boorishly, and could legitimately be charged with disturbing the peace -- but no more than countless young people spilling into the streets all up and down the U.K. when the pubs close, making noise and mischief. I gather they are rarely collared by the police.

The big picture is that she was driven to do what she did, driven mad in a sense, by a government that is her enemy, who hates what she is and stands for, and wants to nullify her race and social class through population replacement. According to latest reports, she is in jail and her child taken away ... something that we can be confident would never happen in Britain to a black, a Muslim, or probably even to an upper-class Labourite white person.

Comments, please!

At the current count, 11,126,279 people have watched a video called "My Tram Experience" on YouTube. It is "horrible," according to the headline for Jenny McCartney's column in The Telegraph. McCartney writes:
The viral video “My Tram Experience” – of a white woman engaging in a racist rant on a crowded Croydon tram, a scene already viewed by millions – is deeply uncomfortable to watch. The woman, her face snarled in hatred, has an impassive little blond boy on her knee, whose expression never once changes as his mother escalates her invective against “black people” and “Polish” whose presence has resulted in her estimation that “my Britain is f--- all now”.
(Croydon, incidentally, is the south London suburb that was trashed by rioters a few months ago.)

McCartney again:
Whatever else these snapshots of fury indicate, I don’t think it is that Britain is an especially racist country. The ranters draw glances of unease, and in two of the three cases white fellow-passengers attempt to silence them. But what the videos do indicate, in the women concerned, is a deep and toxic well of pent-up rage. Buried in their rambling rhetoric is a sense that whatever “my Britain” is has disappeared, that their very Englishness is threatened, and that foreigners are to blame. At the same time, their verbal attacks – inarticulate and indiscriminate – point to a cultural degradation that has nothing whatsoever to do with foreigners.
Here, FYI, is the video in question:

The woman, Emma West, has been arrested -- excuse me, "remanded in custody" (that must be a lot more pleasant than being arrested) -- for "racially aggravated harassment." She has been subjected to death threats. She is reportedly being subjected to psychiatric evaluation.


The incident, as recorded on the video (we don't know what happened before her explosion), is ugly. I can't stand people venting their anger and obsessions in public places, especially enclosed spaces like a tram car where there's no immediate way to leave. West's language is vulgar and some of the blacks and immigrants around her she lashes out at are doubtless decent people who haven't earned her insults.

We can agree that the woman expressed her feelings inappropriately.

But she had no appropriate way to express them. The U.K.'s rulers and their media order-takers have seen to that.


Emma West may lack the education or verbal skills to articulate what she's upset about, but that doesn't mean she's stupid. She understands the daily reality she lives in, which is modern Britain, a multi-cultural theocracy in which "diversity" is the state religion, enforced by the complete power of the State, including its subservient media and its educational establishment. It's a society whose elite deliberately  practice population replacement -- particularly, replacement of the white working class.

The country's political muscle wants them gone. White Britons (other than the Marxist cadre) are an obstacle to State control, like the kulaks in Stalin's Russia that Uncle Joe regretfully had to exterminate for their own good. Thanks to some vestigial traces of civil liberties, the U.K. multi-culti commissars can't dispose of indigenous whites as expeditiously as they might prefer to. So they do the next best (from their viewpoint) thing: throw the U.K. wide open to Third World migration, provide the migrants with welfare to live the good life, and make whites foreigners in their own country.

From a gloating "open letter" to Emma West:
So now you’re on remand, charged with a racially aggravated public order offence. No doubt your cause will be championed by the National Front and the EDL. You’ll be a martyr in their eyes when you’re convicted, even if the sentence is little more than a fine. You’ll achieve a degree of fame within a very narrow circle, and notoriety in the wider community. You’ll be reviled, possibly attacked, and you’ll never find work with that kind of offence on your criminal record. Who wants to employ a convicted racist? ...

We have laws against your actions, and laws against your views, precisely because they are unacceptable in a civilised, multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial society. The law sanctions them because they cannot and will not be tolerated in Britain.

This is the Britain you live in, Emma.
Yes, the Britain she lives in that criminalizes opposition to the multi-cultural theocracy. What will it be for Emma: prison, the psychiatric ward, or private vengeance?


According to Spiked-Online, a great many "civilized, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial" Twitterers have been baying for blood.
... Tweeters called on the police to ‘lock her up and throw away the key’ and ‘save her child’. Literally hundreds of people, with no indication that they were joking, tweeted that the woman should be sterilised, deported, punched, kicked and shot. Some suggested she should be shot between the eyes, others that she should be shot in her ovaries. Other Twitterers expressed a preference for hanging her or said she should be ‘put down’ like a dog. Fittingly for Twitch Hunters, there were also demands that she be drowned or burnt at the stake.
Tell me this. If the situation had been reversed, and a black immigrant cursed out all the "white racists" in the tram, would she be under arrest, undergoing psychiatric examination, and charged under Section 4A of the Public Order Act of 1986? I'll bet you a stick of gum the answer is no.


The Telegraph being a "conservative" paper -- by British standards -- Jenny McCartney puts in a token "moderate" take on the theocracy:
We needed to separate the immigration debate from racism, but instead the two became tightly fused. The topic became virtually untouchable, even by the BBC, as its director general, Mark Thompson, recently admitted. Politicians and journalists should have talked openly about the number and nature of immigrants that would be most beneficial to the economy and society without putting an unsustainable strain on public services: but they didn’t, or couldn’t. 
No, they didn't because they couldn't. Standing against the state religion would be a career killer if it didn't land you in the dock on thought crime charges. McCartney now timidly suggests -- long after the fact -- talking about which and how many immigrants "would be most beneficial to the economy and society." That sets out of bounds the possibility that virtually no immigrants were needed, that almost none of them are "beneficial" to society as a whole; it's also a way of sweeping the issue into the realm of theory and abstraction.


Emma West, despite her scarcity of self-control, at least understands what McCartney does not: that debate is irrelevant because the British ruling class couldn't care less what people like West want, and no argument, no letters to the editor or to members of Parliament, will bring the slightest change of course.

West behaved obnoxiously in a public conveyance. She should be fined for breach of the peace. And that's it. The law should have no more to do with her, except (fat chance) to protect her from those who would take her child or her life for not worshiping at the multi-cultural altar. Unless she threatens anyone with violence, her mental equilibrium is no business of the State.

She is braver, or more foolhardy, by a long stroll than "let's have a discussion" types like Jenny McCartney.


A young British man comments on YouTube. If you're American, don't be thrown off by his accent (north of England? Scottish?); he seems to have a natural flair for oratory and a rough eloquence:



Anonymous said...

It is the absolute, pontificating mummy-scolding propaganda weasel- words we hear bleated out, ad nauseum. It also reveals the utter lack of compassion respect or empathy for a young women trying to survive in a hostile war zone....hence her soldier talk expletives! It is also the ostrich in the sand, stubborn refusal to even understand Emma West's fears, It is the simplistic cliche crap about immigrant good/Black and Muslim good, Whites bad, White man take Black man resources 200 years ago Black man good..White man bad. Yet, it is also about the bullying arrogance of the smug 'middle class' over the 'mouthy, uppity' lower class that worries me the most. This journalist berates Emma like a slave owner berates an 'uppity Nigger!' She wants her 'whipped' into submission. Is it also because Emma is young and beautiful and The Jenny is a tired old, hack-pack donkey? Blacks and Muslims, through their vicious behaviour and large numbers have been brought in to deliberately destroy Emma's England and Britan. They will destroy the Middle Class soon. How do you feel about losing your house, job and future, you pompous twat?

Rick Darby said...


Even if she was just venting her own rage, Emma West clearly spoke for many British people. The U.K.'s Leftist Establishment has put the boot in them for a long time now and seems to hold all the advantages, but I wonder how long they can keep things under control.

Ruling classes get so used to having their way that they come to imagine that they are invincible -- right until it's over for them. Consider 1789-92 and 1917.

While I've expressed some skepticism about longstanding claims by members of the British resistance that the people have had it up to here and are in a revolutionary frame of mind, maybe the pressure really is building up toward overt revolt.

Whether that will turn out to be good or bad remains to be seen. Of course I'd much rather the British ruling class see the light and change immigration and multi-culturalist policies peaceably, but they show no signs of seriously doing so.

YIH said...

You're likely aware of the attack on Reah Page already, but here it is anyway.
Complete with video (Warning: strong stomach alert, disclaimer, disclaimer, ect.).
Muslim women not used to drinking walk free after attack on woman
PO'd? You bet.

green mamba said...

It seems that there is very little coverage of the attack on Rhea Page and the subsequent absurd lack of sentencing of the vicious, racist Somalis who carried it out. I have found only the Telegraph article and a Mail article. This is not surprising, I guess, but it is shocking.

HCL said...

It always seemed to me that if they could put people in jail for racist speech shouldn't they be able to put, say, the editor of the Guardian in jail for suppressing information about racist violence against whites (which he surely does)? Racist silence? Surely an excellent case could be made that the dishonest way the Guardian and other media outlets treat that violence helps cause it. Might look to the way Rwandan radio propagandists were treated as a template. A free trip to Holland, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The Emperor has tried to use propaganda and to say that the cloth of unfettered multi racial immigration was colourful and 'enriching' and must not only be worn by all but the automatic payments by White taxpayers could not be stopped and any rejection, criticism or right to discard would be met with punitive action. Yet, we must become aware of the reasons. These intelligent, professionals can provide the information: Google THE SCHILLER INSTITUTE..THE NEW DARK AGE/ THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE EXPOSED BY Dr JOHN COLEMAN/ THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF CULTURAL MARXISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. These will explain that there IS a sinister, almost evil and heartless agenda to knock out the White Middle class and to absolutely destroy NATIONAL IDENTITY AND CULTURE> Hence the mantras: 'Black British? 'UK has always been a country of immigrants?' The educated or Middle Class stand in the way of the cultural Marxism or communist ideology...much like the Kulaks and intellectuals in Stalinist Russia. PC = denial of freedom of speech and the denial of angry protestations.(Hence shut White Emma West up). The Working Class get hit first and are threatened with deportation (incarcerated) for non-compliance. (Sound familiar?) The Middle Class need more subtle measures. The Ruling Global Elite (through the EU and all the tentacles of the corrupt UN) appeal to the Jenny McCartney types. They want them to conform to the dictates and commandments authorised by the moguls/cartels that offer many distractions (bread and circus,) such as sexually explicit and promiscuity-promoting-depraved media, pornography and electronic'games (violent material) political policies such as State dependence for Single parents and (sex taught to children) film, music and CELEB Industries. The corrupt Middle Class are given power, adulation and acquire a sense of superiority..pride always come before a fall. The decent Middle Class stay distant and head-based and appeal to decency, fair play and 'civility.'The Ruling Elite is well on the way to destroying us all..White Working and Middle Class and the Black and Muslim immigrants (the latter are here to distract us and their violence keeps us fearful.) However, they will simply be used and discarded (Eugenics). While they are rioting and agitating we will probably demand the Power Elite deny us further freedoms by introducing armed police squads and martial law. Britain is becoming a totalitarian communist State. Greater minds than mine know it. The seed of suspicion sprouted for many when White Emma West was arrested and imprisoned in a prison for commenting that a woman who was Black was Black! Tragically, the Middle Class, united with the Working Class, could stop all of this..but they spit on the Working Class...always have, do now, always will..except when they beg for tough working class soldiers to stop the elite from repossessing their private property and they need them to protect them in a civil war. Read the posted links, please. We must stop the squabbling and stop the hope the Globalists will listen to us and to 'reason'. Ally yourself to groups or political parties who will listen.

Anonymous said...

Its disgusting and could put off foreign tourists and students coming to the UK. The UK needs World trade and diplomacy, with her ranting and raving racialist abuse on a Tram is not helping the struggling UK get a good reputation. She used the child as shield to release a barrage of foul and abusive verbal assaults at fare paying passengers. Emma West does not even pay for her travel she gets a disabled freedom pass which is paid for by many brown tax payers she is the face of loser Britain!