Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-Euroland: We'll stop your money from leaving, and while we're at it, we'll stop you

European go home!

"UK prepares emergency measures for euro collapse to prevent an influx of people and money," reports the Daily Mail.
Ministers are considering draconian plans to prevent a flood of money and people heading to Britain from Europe if the ailing single currency collapses.
Welcome -- er, no, you're not welcome if you're well off -- to the United Kingdom in the run-up to the euro's code blue. Her majesty's strange, hybrid Marxist-corporate state happily ushers in so many Third World, especially Muslim, immigrants that no one knows how many are in the country; they qualify for no end of government benefits. But if the prosperous have eyes to re-settle themselves or their wealth, it's "stop in the name of the law!"
Some countries are expected to ground all flights and effectively seal their borders to prevent the flight of people and money. British officials are said to be considering contingency plans to seal the UK’s borders in a worst-case scenario – although any attempt to prevent the free movement of people is illegal under EU law.
U.K. permanent economic refugees enlisted
to turn back temporary economic refugees.

Britain isn't the only country drawing up contingency plans to thwart refugees from the euro.
Other EU countries are also drawing up contingency plans. Earlier this month reports in Portugal said the country’s borders would be temporarily sealed if the country drops out of the single currency. Strict limits would be imposed on cash withdrawals and euro notes would be stamped with an escudo mark until the new currency was printed and distributed.
The EU currency union, installed with great fanfare celebrating Europe as one big happy family (and the undeclared but widely understood purpose of ensuring that Germany's economic success would never again give it undue power and influence), looks like this on its deathbed. The free movement of peoples within the Union ends in borders being defended against immigrants from other EU states. The politicians desperately implore Germany to save the one-currency folly. As irony goes, it doesn't get more delicious than this.



Anonymous said...

Bollocks!! Conspiracy, right-wing newspaper conspiracy theory

zazie said...

conspiracy???I wish I were allowed to be rude, sometimes.
Unfortunately, this is not conspiracy, either left or right-wing!
Lots of people are worried, and getting ready for the day when they are left with almost nothing to live on, because, when the banks re-open, their life-long savings will be worth nothing.
And I am sure all this is not an accident ; the powers-that-be have decided that peoples should be poor and starved into obeying their masters.....

Rick Darby said...



Anonymous said...

Preventing people leaving the country - the catchily EUSSR is now turning into a real EUSSR.

Why not just build a wall. Ooops, Britain is an island - it does need a wall.