Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the disunion


"We've come too far to turn back now."

I'm afraid this line from the Failed Messiah's speech is correct, although not in the way he meant it. Too far, yes: toward a government ruling class, a foreign policy of Muslim appeasement, population replacement, a Kafka-esque regulatory system for business, and so much more that recovery of the former letter and spirit of the U.S. that inspired generations may be unrecoverable.

Not that I listened to the speech. He makes me so ill that my constitution, like that of the United States, can't handle him.

However, the NBC Politburo summarizes the teleprompter script.
But Obama also painted a dire scenario of a nation divided into a wealthy elite and a mass of struggling Americans on the verge of insolvency.
Again, mostly true, but not in sense the Failed Messiah implied. We have a wealthy elite of corporate nabobs, but a power elite of lobbyists, politicians, bureaucrats, federal judges, tenured campus Marxists, ethnic grievance pushers, and one-sided mainstream media. But his Tattered Holiness simplifies it down to how much money anyone makes to determine how much they can be bled in taxes, which in any case can't make up for a budget that feeds a bloated welfare state.
Reviving a proposal that the Senate rejected in 2010, Obama made a vigorous pitch for changing the law to allow young illegal immigrants to become American citizens. "Hundreds of thousands of talented, hardworking students in this country," he said, "were brought here as small children, are American through and through, yet they live every day with the threat of deportation." 
But his "mass of struggling Americans on the verge of insolvency" are among the very people who are in danger of being, or already have been, replaced by immigrants legal and illegal. Buraq doesn't care about them, for that matter doesn't care about the hundreds of thousands of illegals except as shock troops for a permanent Democratic coalition to overwhelm indigenous Americans.

This is how soft totalitarianism works. First the government ignores its own duty to citizens by encouraging illegal immigration, then insists that there are so many illegals it's a fait accompli and the only thing to do is accept it and make the illegal legal. But it isn't only illegal immigration that's the problem -- they're just a new clientele for the government Social Work Establishment. It's the astonishing number of legal and "green card" immigrants who will finish the job of transforming the country into a multi-culti, polyglot post-American America.

We could still, just possibly, turn back. But it won't be possible much longer.



Marcus said...

Islamic appeasement? One paragraph and I remembered why I stopped visiting your once interesting blog.

The country's foreign policy is literally being run by a foreign power and you, Steyne and Auster talk of Islamic appeasement!

Well, the White House and Israelis disagree with you - big time.

Anonymous said...

There comes at time when the most gruesome option, a civil war,appears the most reasonable.

There is but one hope now for the West Europe and the USA - a war that puts all options back on the table, provided we win.