Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The assisted suicide of Western nations

The pressure is on to preserve a make-believe currency, but since nothing else has worked, the limousine class is ready to call in an air strike on European countries' independence. Der Spiegel Online says:  
'States Must Sacrifice Sovereignty to Save Euro'
German media commentators have drawn some comfort from a blueprint for a radical revamp of the euro zone's architecture presented this week by the "gang of four" European presidents: European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Euro Group President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi.
The ideas would entail a dramatic loss of national sovereignty through the establishment of a central authority with power to demand changes in individual members' national budgets, as well as a "medium term" move towards euro bonds, as well as a banking union with a single authority that would insure banking deposits and have the power to shut or recapitalize banks directly, with help from Europe's permanent bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism.
"The gang of four" -- that has echoes. Presumably meant as a joking reference to the leaders of the Communist Chinese Great Cultural Revolution. Non-elite Europeans aren't laughing.

Only members of an economic mafia, living in an alternative universe from ordinary men and women, could call a "dramatic loss of national sovereignty" a change of "architecture," as though it entailed building a new deck overlooking the backyard.

You will love Big Euro!

Make no mistake. This isn't about saving those gaily colored euro notes -- that's just the excuse du jour. It's really the thin end of the wedge that will end citizenship in European countries and make every former French, Italian, Dutch, what-have-you national a serf toiling for the Lords of Brussels. That, or a welfare class dependent on Germany. Germany needs economic Lebensraum.

Back in Old Gloryland, the gang of nine (political appointees in black robes, whose Word is Law, from which there is no appeal) has told Arizona that it cannot uphold immigration laws that the federal government does not want enforced. Killers, drug traffickers, trespassers, welfare recipients, anchor baby factories ... Arizona cops can only ask them about their citizenship.

"No habla Ingles."

 "Americano?" "I no know no-thing."

"I'm going to have to report you to the federal authorities." "Oh, Cisco!"

"Oh, Pancho!"

Arizona reports Pancho to the federal immigration enforcer simulators. "Oh, that old guy again? Listen, I'm sorry, but Janet Napoletano says we can't arrest 'em or ask their age. That way they're clean, they're youths, and eligible for Obamnesty."

So population replacement goes on, and on, and on, until one Fourth of July in the near future you will look around and see what used to be the United States of America, now a mere geographical expression, linked with Mexico and Latin America in an amero currency and political union.

The only thing holding back a complete America del Norte y Centro is that the Canadians can't stand us. They'll hold out, long after U.S. citizens have consented to become ciphers in Latin America.



zazie said...

Judging from the arrogance of the élite, the capture under the photo should be "thou shalt love big euro" ; You know I am one of those non-elite Europeans, and something is crushing me and all my friends ; during the electoral campaign I found it difficult to convince people that, unless we elected Marine, we would lose our sovereignty, financial, cultural and moral ; now I have but one wish : may my name not be Cassandra! Alas, with all our "guests" from Africa, we have welcomed a Trojan Horse.
As to the USA, and the way you feel about it, is there a masculine equivalent of Cassandra?

Anonymous said...

One Euro the bind them, and One Euro to rule over all of them.

Now people in the debtor countries may be thinking that Euro-bonds will get them out of debtors prison. No such luck. The game will only apply to new loans. The old ones still have to be re-payed.

So the Greek tragedy runs on.

Assisted suicide or death by boredom- that is the question.


I too felt that Marine was the last chance that the French had to rescue France. But the people want to believe in the lies fed to them. Lies after all, are more comforting then uncomfortable truth.

I hope the best for France. It would be a real tragedy if France us lost to the caliphate.