Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't jump! The priest is on his way


I'm starting to feel protective toward this bloke. How would you like to fire up your computer, day after living day, and see a message on every other site that language professors hate you? 

Granted, language professors make up, oh, 0.0000017 percent of the population, but still ... it could do your head in after a while, you don't think?

Sir, I want to assure you that regardless of language professors' hatred you are as dear to me as anyone I've never heard of. Cheer yourself up. By the way, can you make me fluent in Greek in the next 10 days? 

What do you mean, there's nothing left of the Greek language except the word for "bailout"?



zazie said...

@ ananymous

What is this rigmarole??????

Rick Darby said...


"Anonymous" est fou.


You are schizophrenic. Your brain chemicals are involved in making you crazy. If you want help, go to the nearest large hospital intake office, describe your symptoms, and ask for treatment. I wish you the best of luck.

Stogie said...

I hate this kind of ad. It is transparently specious and self-serving. If this swarthy-looking character knew the secret of easy and fast learning of languages, professors would seek him out, not "hate" him. Oh yes, the premise is that language professors want learning to be slow and difficult so they can keep their jobs.

No one becomes fluent in a language quickly and easily. The pretense that this guy's method is something magical is an insult to the intelligence.

Stogie said...

Anonymous, are you off your meds again? We've warned you about self-diagnosis. It just doesn't work.