Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Prove you're illegal so you can vote in California

 ID card for illegal immigrant. Under discussion: driver's licenses for blind paralytics; debit cards for embezzlers.

The Los Mexicanos Times reports:
On Tuesday, The Times reported on a proposal in Los Angeles to turn library cards into photo IDs that illegal immigrants could use to open bank accounts and access city services. ...
... The photo ID library card is a serious idea with serious advantages for illegal immigrants. City Councilman Richard Alarcon, who proposed the concept, noted that in his Northeast Valley district, some immigrants end up being gouged by payday lenders or robbed if they keep large sums of cash on hand.  That wouldn’t happen if they could open bank accounts.
Right. There'd be no break-ins if every illegal were issued sets of house keys and addresses. No robberies if they were issued unlimited debit cards for the state treasury -- wait, for practical purposes, that's already been done in California and other progressive states.
Predictably, there is opposition to the idea. A spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform complained that the cards could be exploited by terrorists and criminals and would encourage illegal immigration. (The first assertion is debatable, the second valid only in the sense that anything that makes life easier for illegal immigrants can be said to encourage illegal immigration.)
Notice the prejudicial language: the immigration reform spokesman "complained." Not said; complained. What are we going to do with these whining Blue Meanies and their "debatable" assertions?

The second objection is valid "only in the sense that anything that makes life easier for illegal immigrants can be said to encourage illegal immigration." Oh, only in that sense. The -- what's the word? -- the logical sense.

The post-Americans are getting bolder, courtesy of Papa Doc Obama. It's getting rarer to to see euphemisms like "undocumented." Few bother to hide the blunt truth. They just come right out and say illegal in the same breath they talk about ways the government Politburo can smooth the way for the colonists. Forget "No human is illegal." Now, it's "Yeah, they're illegal, and what are you gonna do about it, gringo?"

It's useless to be angry about it. We're past the point of no return. Let California and New York issue state IDs to illegals so they can vote themselves money the state doesn't have. The sooner the former United States dissolves so that, we can hope, some region will be outside the reach of the leftist-captured population and institutions, the better.

When California totally breaks down under the weight of another 10 or 15 million Mexicans with library card IDs (except there won't be any money then for libraries; maybe state-issued tattoos), it won't get sympathy from me. Experience is a dear school, said one of the founders of the former United States, but fools will learn in no other.

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