Monday, September 10, 2012

The only issue that matters in this election

No, it's not the economy, stupid.

Nor is it:

Education/the Middle East/Mormonism/abortion/gay marriage/you did (didn't) build that/anything else the piss-stream media write about and pollsters ask about.

You could (in theory) have every one of those controversies resolved to your satisfaction in the election and it wouldn't matter, other than to make you feel good for a little while, somewhere between five minutes to a few months.

Because they are all either derivatives of the real issue, or of trifling importance by comparison.  With political correctness implanting cowardice on the tonsils and strip mining the brains of We the People, the one issue that really matters is taboo even to speak of publicly.

It's population replacement.

To one degree or another, just about every government in the Western world, most certainly including that of the United States,  has been engaged in a deliberate policy of massive immigration to reduce the indigenous population to a helpless minority.

Economists can argue their heads off about importing and exporting products and raw materials. That's nothing compared to the importation of people.

The people imported in overwhelming numbers aren't just a random collection of foreigners, although that in itself would create social problems out of proportion to whatever benefit it might offer. Rather, our new "Americans" are a specific kind of people: non-white, uneducated, unskilled. They come from Third World countries in which the rule of law is mostly nonexistent, where corruption is endemic. The idea of informed citizenship weighing the good of society is incomprehensible to people from tribal cultures who have spent their lives battling against the odds just to survive.

The two most powerful forces in today's United States are instrumental in bringing them here: (1) the Leftist Establishment, which thrills to the prospect of an abysmal class dependent on the government, whose votes are bankable, and who will soon outnumber the hated white middle class; and (2) the Corporate Establishment, which can use them as bottom-dollar table wipers and car polishers.

As long as population replacement (which, of course, our traditional political parties take as the natural course of events) continues, the Leftist Establishment and the Corporate Establishment will win every election. Including the one we are suffering through now.


Stogie said...

This is a serious problem. I don't see how we can solve it short of revolution.

P.S. Please get rid of this comment moderation system -- it is almost indecipherable and requires several attempts to finally post.

Rick Darby said...

Stogie, I cannot see what commenters are faced with, since the form recognizes me and doesn't make me jump through hoops. Lawrence Auster told me it messed about with him, too.

Since it's been a few days since my site pest has let the bats out of his head, I'm going to take a chance and turn off the comment moderation.

Anonymous said...

" It's population replacement"?
Is that what they call " Finanskrisa"?

Anonymous said...

Population replacement is not recognized by most because they are suffering from white guilt & there is so much more atonement we must suffer thru before any attempts are made to stop it. IMO it will be too late for the US. Perhaps Europe will stand a chance as the cradle of Western civilization.