Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Congress, Obama to celebrate July 4 as "No More America Day"

I simply cannot believe the Stupid Party and the neocons.

Once more, they're about to score a goal for the opposition. They've allowed themselves to be conned again. There they are, herded into the pen, braying for a carrot.

Did you notice how easy it was? The "immigration reform" debate is no such thing. All the politicos agree to amnesty for illegals. The turncoats would make border jumping a condition of citizenship if anyone called them racists for not doing it.

The only debate is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. "Border security first, then we legalize the millions we've encouraged to violate our laws."  We haven't had any borders since at least 1986. Why spoil a good thing now?

¡Hey, Gringos! I've waited
a long time for this.

What does "border security" mean anyhow? An agreement to have 10,000 more uniforms assigned to drive beside the Rio Grande, talking into their cellular cheeseburgers? Make a few arrests for show and send the detainees back so the game can be replayed the next night?

We could secure the borders in a week if we were serious about it, and with the resources we have now. But big business isn't on board. Neither are the Evil Party strategists. Nor the Empire of Aztlan. Nor the Gang of 535.

The game is over, folks. Well played ... by everyone except the resistance.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Darby,

When was the last time there was any good news? I'm to the point now of let the muzzies or chicons have it. I feel nothing for this "country" anymore.

It is sad to think there are some small c "conservatives" out there that still think we can right the ship if we could only get the right policy through. Much like those isolated Japs that kept "fighting" even after the bomb droppings. Fools.


Rick Darby said...

Politically, there is no good news that matters. I'd be happy to write about it if there were. I take no pleasure in giving the patient a diagnosis of terminal illness.

We still have our individual lives and a degree of liberty. Lately I have emphasized my interests in arts, spirituality, and psychical research.

Terry Morris said...

"Border security first." Yeah, right; when have we heard that before?!