Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paul Weston has nothing to fear

... Except Muslims with quaint ideas of punishment.

And the government of the United Kingdom, of which he is a subject.

You'd take those odds any day, woudn't you?

I regret that I once teased Weston in a comment at Lawrence Auster's blog for his anti-sharia comments that struck me as being a bit wet. I could understand his need to be circumspect. Americans, even the few who take an interest in the state of play in Britain, generally have no idea of how far the government of that country has gone in suppressing free speech and imposing so-called diversity, with jail (do they still spell it "gaol"?) sentences for protesters like the English Defence League. Recently they refused EDL defenders and anti-jihad writers Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller permission even to set foot in Britain.

As of now, it's a coin toss whether the U.K. or Sweden will become the West's first overtly dhimmi country.

Anyway, I'm here to change my tune about Paul Weston. With everything to lose, including his freedom, he has chosen to speak the painful truth as he sees it. He is taking a terrible risk. I will not be surprised to read one of these days that he has been arrested under the Terms of Surrender to Islam Act of 2013.

Weston writes:
So here we are then. A Prime Minister who thinks we have a lot to learn from Islam. A Prime Minister who is a founding signatory of Unite Against Fascism, which is a Communist thug organisation with a Muslim fascist, Azad Ali, sitting as its vice-chair. A Prime Minister who said nary a word about Muslim gang rapists, and the only words used by him about the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby served to absolve Islam of any blame.

Britain is a country which allowed Muslim girls to attack white girls whilst screaming “kill the white bitch”, who were then absolved of a race crime. Britain promotes policemen to top positions who then publicly state on television that the 7/7 London transport bombings had nothing to do with Islam. Britain is a country that allowed any number of Muslim imams filmed by undercover C4 [Channel 4, a station independent of the BBC] journalists to just carry on their hatred, even after their rants were aired on prime time TV. Let’s not prosecute them our Crown Prosecution Service said — they are the wrong colour and the wrong religion. Old boy.
He is still shying off from the only real solution, which is ending Muslim immigration and encouraging Muslims to go back to the barbaric countries they left so they could enjoy the U.K.'s welfare system. Even so, he has slapped Her Majesty's Heavy Mob in the face with his glove.
Britain is lost.

Britain is a country that does prosecute you if you dare to mention that Islam indulges in a spot of gang-rape, and tells us it wants to blow us up. Britain is a country that threatens to prosecute T-Shirt vendors for inciting racial hatred if they wish to sell clothing bearing a logo saying “Respect our Culture, Respect our Laws or Get out of our Country”. Britain is a country that refuses to prosecute Muslims for hate crimes when they desecrate our war memorials, and Britain is a country that allows Jew-hating politicians like Keith Vaz to help decide just who should or should not be allowed entry to Britain.

And finally, Britain is a country that bans scholarly civil rights activists from entry, despite the fact they have never called for violence, cannot be exposed as being “Islamophobic” by Communists such as Nick Lowles and cannot be refuted by idiotic imams after directly quoting the Koran. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been denied entry to Britain for two reasons. The first is that they speak the truth. The second is that they have sufficient knowledge to make sure the truth cannot be twisted.
Maybe Weston's decided that he has nothing to fear -- that life in a country that caters in every possible way to members of a cult that hates it is already to live in prison. Maybe he believes there is nowhere to go, no country in the Western world with the moral fiber to draw the line against creeping dhimmitude.

Whatever his reasons, he seems to have decided like Martin Luther, "Here I stand. I can do no other."


Anonymous said...

Didn't know who Weston was, but just watched a couple of youtube vids. Very impressive.

Stogie said...

Good article, will link.