Sunday, June 29, 2014

Can Americans claim refugee status in Singapore?

Uncle John wants YOU to become Americano!

"Texans want answers about the tsunami of undocumented and unaccompanied minors that may well hit public school classrooms this Fall," says Breitbart Texas. "... The actual impact may be very difficult to account for because 'the courts have told us that we can't ask what their citizenship status is. If they are living in a Texas district, they can attend a Texas public schools,' [the Texas Education Agency Director of Media Relations] added."

The American Civil Liberties Union wants the taxpayers to fund lawyers for each illegal immigrant child to defend against deportation.
Upset with a report that immigration officials in Artesia, N.M., want to send illegal immigrants home 10 to 15 days after being apprehended, the legal defense organization said that the stories of the children must first be investigated.

“Many children crossing the border are seeking refugee protection from violence in their home countries. Both due process and international law require that these kids’ claims be fully and fairly assessed by immigration judges, not dismissed in assembly-line hearings,” said Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. ... About 150,000 children from Central America are expected to cross the U.S. border this year, 10 times last year’s total. Many claim to be victims of violence and sexual abuse.

With immigration "reform," code for amnesty and open borders, less than popular in many quarters outside government and big business, Senator John McCain and his gang members have decided to take a new tack: the mass invasion of Latino children "are coming out in support of creating an emergency refugee program that they believe would help deal with a massive surge of child immigrants coming to the U.S. from Central America."

He said that "establishing refugee application programs in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador is 'key' to help stem the tide, according to Reuters." In other words, rename the illegals refugees and let all or most of them form more colonies in the U.S.A. That is somehow supposed to "help stem the tide." (Hey, Pablo, don't go to the United States. That will make you a refugee! You'll be ruined for life!)

Billions of people live in dreadful places around the world. Many are abused and exploited. We should do what we can -- not much, in my view, except provide birth control help -- for them to improve their lot in their own countries. The answer is not to invite them in as refugees, which will only result in re-creating in their new setting the conditions they want to escape.

Truly Europe and now the United States have arrived at the scenario envisioned by Jean Raspail in his novel The Camp of the Saints. The relatively prosperous and civilized countries are being undone by a massive invasion, not of soldiers but of peasants and criminals. "Progressives" and suicidally tolerant churches welcome the invasion so they can bask in their own twisted version of compassion.

If anyone can claim refugee status by stepping across an increasingly theoretical border, why shouldn't indigenous Americans have the same privilege? Why can't they escape from violence at home? Why should they not be able to declare themselves refugees from a Third World colonized United States? Hop on a plane to, say, Singapore, be taken in by an emergency refugee program and given a lawyer?


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YIH said...

Until recently I didn't realize that if someone is not either Canadian or Mexican deportation is not so straightforward (even if they don't claim asylum).
That said, it seems this rush of Central American 'kids' was the plan all along.
Quite literally to use them as a battering ram for amnesty.
Like the recent mess at the Bundy ranch there does seem to be some resistance occurring.
I hope that like the Bundy standoff no real violence comes of it.
What I fear is the possibility that an already overburdened area says ''no more!'' with more than a bunch of protesters to offer resistance.
In film, such a scenario was predicted over 20 years ago.
I dread that it may not be long before we see another ''shot on Fort Sumpter''.