Friday, June 27, 2014

Recyling centers: the way to national reform

This story is trivial on the surface ... but what it reveals about the mentality of many Americans is downright scary. I have never cared for the currently popular expression "low-information voters," because the problem isn't low information; it's naive and stupid voters.

An event called America's Last Stand took place in Tennessee. Last stand? Against an authoritarian administration? Against a deliberate policy of flooding the country with as many illegal "migrants" as possible? Against a president who is terminally clueless in geopolitics and perceives his job as making speeches and playing golf while letting sycophants tell him whatever he wants to hear and ignoring all other voices?

No. America's last stand will be -- wait for it -- a recycling center crusade. And, no doubt, more bike paths.
"I have been involved since I was 17 years old. I helped open one of the first recycling centers in the area where I lived. I don't know why people don't get involved. Our government will collapse if people do not get involved," said Gayle Wilczynski of Dandridge.
This is what citizenship has come down to for her and, it seems, others at the Last Stand.
"So few people are willing to speak up. We need to encourage those people to come out and speak up, to talk, to speak to the representatives, to vote, to get out and be active in the circle wherever they are," said Howard Kingsberry of Sevierville. 
Hear, hear. While your country degenerates into a government-banking-big business oligarchy, while the media-academic axis stirs up racial and ethnic resentment (divide and conquer), while your president boasts he can remake America with a phone and a pen, call your Congressperson and "speak up" to voice mail or a bored intern who pretends to listen while thinking about which bar or party to head for tonight.

Yes, put candidate signs on your lawn and vote! Imagine the power you wield! "Imagine" being the keyword.

A political online newsletter, The Hill, announces: "No bluff, Obama will go it alone on immigration."
President Obama has delayed any potential changes to his deportation policy to allow House GOP leaders time to bring legislation to the floor this summer. But if the Republicans don't act in July, the Democrats say, unilateral changes by Obama are inevitable.

"We're at the end of the line," Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) said Thursday during a press briefing in the Capitol. "We're not bluffing by setting a legislative deadline for them to act.
"Their first job is to govern," Menendez added, "and in the absence of governing, then you see executive actions."
In other words, "govern" means, "Do what we want, or we'll do it ourselves and you can go play bingo." 

Ms. Wilczynski says, "Our government will collapse if people do not get involved." Ma'am, the government is not likely to collapse any time soon. Can't say the same for the Constitution and liberty. The government will let you vote, to give you the illusion of influence. You can even hope your vote will actually be counted.

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