Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When will Buraq Caesar cross the Rubicon?

Having encouraged a Children's Crusade of Latino future Democrats to stroll across the border without hindrance, His Worship is expected by Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), "perhaps the most outspoken amnesty proponent in Congress," to pass an illegal immigrant amnesty by an overwhelming majority of himself.

[Gutierrez] said the stunning defeat of Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the primary Tuesday is no impediment to President Obama moving forward with immigration unilaterally ...
"It’s not dead, it may just be moving to the White House for action there," Gutierrez declared. "I believe the president has within existing law the power to take action to protect the immigrant community, and I think he will take those actions.”
You may have noticed how many news articles quote Buraq as saying, "I have ordered ... " or "I will order ... ." It's one of his favorite phrases. So far, he has depended on the mainstream media, illegal-immigration pressure groups, and his pals in Congress to push forward his demands on amnesty and open borders. Things seem to have gone a little haywire on that lately, thanks in part to resistance by the American citizenry. What a nerve they've got.

There is a word for a politician whose wish is a command.

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YIH said...

This is even worse than the 'regular' illegal immigration we know and loathe. Apparently these kids (many appear to be preteens) are literally being shipped through Mexico.
And that creates a whole new set of problems; With adults/newborns/whole families deportation is straightforward, they go as a unit. Even if the baby is born on US soil they leave with their parent(s). But many of these are apparently what the airlines call ''unaccompanied minors'' which creates a whole new set of problems.
Whose kids are they? Walk them across the border and Mexico will complain ''These children have no parent here! What do you expect us to do with them?''. Warehousing them (as you see in the photos at the link) is at best a short-term solution and it appears that physical capacity is being reached. Then what?
The existing foster-care/group homes here? Good luck with that, those have been strained to the breaking point for decades.
But the worst was this caption: ''Critics are blaming the President's decision in 2012 to stop most deportations of young people brought to the U.S. as kids and Senator John McCain has criticized the false message of amnesty to illegal immigrants''
What a piece of work he is.