Friday, July 14, 2006

Loaves and Fishes ride to your left; Walk on Water Pavilion to your right; wear your gas mask

Let's agree that the incipient war in the Middle East is not funny.

But this may be:

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel (February 2006) reports, "The ministry of tourism in Israel recently approved plans to set aside 125 acres to become a Holy Land theme park on the northern end of the Sea of Galilee."

Just at the moment, I cannot well envision Dad turning to Mom and saying, "Say, hon, why don't we give the kids a treat and take them to HolyLandland for the holidays?"

But my precognition doesn't have to work overtime to foresee the New York Times headline: "Tourists at HolyLandland Complain of Noise from Missile Strikes, Long Lines for First Aid." Editorial: "Stop the Cycle of Violence: Both Sides (But Especially Israel) Must Show Restraint in the Theme Park War."

This is not investment advice. Read the prospectus carefully before sending money.

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