Friday, July 28, 2006

Social pathology on parade

Now and then an event captures, like a snapshot, the pathology that has become normal social policy in the United States -- not just the pathology of the "sharp end," but of its privileged enablers who go home every night smugly satisfied that they have given what's left of an orderly and functional nation another knock with the wrecking ball.

The Los Angeles Times carried this defining story yesterday:
An illegal immigrant couple with six children were already living in poverty. Then the quadruplets arrived.
Let's see: Angela Magdaleno and her husband (really? different last name), both illegals, have been in the United States for 22 and 28 years, respectively. Neither speaks English. "Even her teenage daughters speak mostly Spanish; their English vocabulary is limited," the Times says. "Yet all of Magdaleno's 10 children are U.S. citizens. The triplets receive subsidized school lunches. All the youngsters have had their healthcare bills covered by Medi-Cal, the state and federal healthcare program for the poor." They also receive $700 a month in Social Security payments.

The two-hanky story solicits our tears for Angela and her state-supported brood, but I do not fear for her welfare or that of her 10 offspring. No, they won't get rich siphoning their income off California and United States taxpayers, but the nation they invited themselves to will see that their basic needs are taken care of, and that their 10 anchor babies, automatic citizens to gladden a Bushbot's heart, will be able to have all the additional babies they want. Even if they restrain themselves and hold the line at, say, four each, that's 40 additional kids who are legally American but culturally Mexican in the next generation.

You got a problem with that?

Hey, the social work Establishment doesn't; they're probably fighting among themselves to step into the spotlight with aid for Angela and her accidental familia.

The Los Angeles Times doesn't; its owners and managers, who live in places like Beverly Hills and San Marino, think it's just dandy to bring another 10 sons and daughters of illegals into the world in South Los Angeles. Celebrate diversity and keep the Mexifornia advertisers and politicians happy. The story's deck thinks it's cute: "They're still in a daze." Wow, man, far out.

The George W. Bush Mafia doesn't; it's four more steps toward abolishing American sovereignty and realizing his dream of a Latino-majority country.

The Bush vassals working in what's laughably called immigration enforcement don't; the paper has no hesitation about publishing the parents' illegal status, because they know the fix is in and the couple is untouchable by the law.

The business Establishment doesn't; yipee, another four sub-minimum-wage counter wipers and burger wrappers whose social costs the taxpayers, those permasuckers, will absorb.

The Liberal Establishment doesn't; here's the exception that proves the rule that "U.S. immigrants' stories are often about reinvention and newfound prosperity, about leaving behind poverty and limitations." Like all Angela's neighbors in South Los Gangeles.

Well then, who does that leave to harbor some unworthy doubts about Angela's baby factory? I guess it's just you and me, friend. And I don't imagine the people in the corner offices with the leather swivel chairs give a toss what we think.

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