Friday, July 14, 2006

Sweden's suicide note

Fjordman at Gates of Vienna says he has confirmed from independent sources that Jens Orback, Democracy Minister (!) in the Swedish government, said during a radio debate: “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”

Let's hit rewind and play that again.

“We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”

In other words, a government minister takes it as foreordained that Swedes will become a minority in Sweden, and Muslims the majority. To him, it's just a fact of life. It's not as if the indigenous population could do anything about it, or should want to do anything about it.

Orback pins his hope on a Muslim majority being open and tolerant, just like they are in … in … help him out here.

It's one more ominous confirmation that much of "old Europe" is sick unto death. It doesn't want to preserve its national identities, its ethnic majorities, its traditional cultures, its system of government (except for the welfare state). God is dead; tolerance is God. If Sweden is to become part of Dar Al-Islam, well, who are Swedes to say that their way of life is better? It might cause offense.

Better to simply write the suicide note and make sure that the beneficiary is clearly spelled out in the will.

Can this really be happening — a modern nation welcoming with smiley-face-button idiocy the replacement of its ethnic majority by another with utterly different and (sorry, Mr. Orback) supremely intolerant values? History is full of examples of one culture (oddly enough, often Muslim) conquering another by cannon and blade, but I cannot think of any precedent for a country just rolling over for an invasion it could easily put a stop to.

But it's going down, and not in Sweden alone. Several European countries are already clocked, kaput, buggered. Because they have adopted the dhimmi mind, it's only a matter of a little time before the latest Muslim invasion succeeds where the previous ones were resisted and overcome.

Here's how the state of play looks:

Sweden: No more needs to be said.

Norway: The same as Sweden.

Spain: Waffling, but not prepared to put up a serious struggle.

France: The issue will probably be decided by a civil war.

Germany: Apparently starting to find its backbone, but resistance hindered by deeply entrenched left-wing ideology.

Britain: It'll be a closely run thing (as Wellington described Waterloo). Given the dhimmi mentality prevalent today, I think the U.K. will be a Muslim country within 20 years. Needless to say, I hope I'm wrong, but the country looks to be past the point of no return unless its homestyle Muslim terrorists do something unbelievably stupid like exploding a nuclear device in London.

The rest of Europe, I'd say, has at least a decent chance to avoid the catastrophe of becoming Muslim theocratic states under sharia law. The former Soviet satellite countries, especially, know what living under tyranny is like.


dontdrinkthetaqiyya said...


Your July 12th and July 14th entries -- "Britain's dying nationhood" and "Sweden's suicide note"-- cogent, well done, and well said. Keep on keepin' on, good sir.

PS -- WCMWYNH / Where's Charles Martel When You Need Him?

Today's inquiring minds simply want to know.

Roscoe said...

Why does everybody always write as if it's only Europe that has a population-replacement problem? Europe is still 90% European, whereas the U.S. is down to about 68% European and falling fast, and our last two presidents have acted as pom-pom girls for the ethnic cleansing of America. Objectively, if numbers mean anything, Europe is still far better off than we are.

I realize that, for the moment, our immigrants are less hostile than their immigrants; but that can change in a hurry. The first generations of Mahometan immigrants to Europe were hailed as hard-working, religious, family-values people. Strangely familiar.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, we white people of Europe do not want to overpopulate the world, we are getting better, we don't get many children, the muslims are, big time, a woman getting 8 children is not weird for them, so they will grow fast, just look at my land the Netherlands, in 1970 we had zero muslims, now we have almost 1 million of them ! and now that they are so big it will go even faster !


Anonymous said...

Stuck on fucking stupid.

Mental illness in its political form.

Rick Darby said...

Roscoe: I certainly didn't mean to imply that ethnicity replacement is only a European issue. It's something the United States needs to face up to as well. I didn't discuss that in the blog posting because I try to keep my posts reasonably short and didn't want to diffuse the focus of "Sweden's Suicide Note."

Your point is well taken.

Anonymous said...

Socialism does not work and never has worked -- because the one thing it must do in order to function at all is destroy the idea of the individual and subsume him into a Group. Once one is simply a cog in a machine, the answer to every problem is a shrug and "What can you do?" or a loud scream for more "funding" or "affordable" this and that from the magic money pot in the middle of the room.

I moved to Canada, which has exactly the same problems as Sweden, to find out for myself why socialism fails every time, and this is why: because it turns the country into a death cult and eventually everyone drinks the kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Well in canada there is no rational economic basis for immigration all they do is vote liberal because they champion free benefits for them.

Sad for sweeden and canada too. We have 1/2 million muslims but europeans will be in the minority in 20-40 years. They just won't all be muslims ruling us.

You are on severe drugs if you think these people will be tolerant.

Anonymous said...

Great link, but I'm a little appalled by the fact that you imply that all of Europe is sick.

The attitude this guy expressed was the attitude of the elite and of the welfare-statists. There are plenty of "old" Europeans who are sick of immigration, too. They may be a minority, but they are not a tiny minority.

"Political correctness is a mental illness."

David said...

Truly unbeleivable.

I like your adjective - "smiley face button stupidity". Might have to palgiarize tha one day!

Anonymous said...

Let's get a few things straight:

a) Population decline is a GOOD thing. If we don't get the global population down then no country has a future, regardless of its ideology.

b) While it would be really nice and fair if all national populations declined at the same rate, it's not going to happen. Inevitably some will get smaller faster.

c) Given b), it's also a good thing if population can be redistributed so that people move from where there are too many of them to where there are - economically speaking - not enough.

d) The decision to have fewer (or no) children is usually a rational decision based on a careful evaluation of what the future holds. Millions of Europeans believe that they and their loved ones will be better off and happier if they have small families than if they have large ones. Are you prepared to tell them they're all wrong? Because if so, you had better have some compelling evidence.

e) I'd rather trust my country's future to hard-working enterprising immigrants than the advocates of - well, what, exactly? Letting Sweden go back to the wilderness? Armed resistance to immigration? Multiple births enforced by law? A Berlin Wall around every state? National rulers selected by race rather than elections? Just what, exactly, is the rational humanitarian alternative to redistributing people to where they're needed, and allowing them to vote when they get there? Nobody here has come up with a more sensible option yet.


Anonymous said...

@ Roscoe.

Ah. Get the fuck out of U.S instead of whining. We europeans had nothing to do there in the first place. Europeans there were immigrants in the beginning too as well as muslims and others are today. U.S has always been, from the day we started to colonize it till today, a multicultural place. Don't feel like Europeans in U.S can complain coz it's not their original place to live at. Some europeans in U.S complain too much when they once stole the place too.
U.S is the land of multiculturalism. The end.

Rick Darby said...


How can you say, first, that population decline is a good thing (which I agree with), and then say that nations with lower fecundity must open themselves to vast migrations from Third World, overpopulating countries? Why must the more responsible nations accept the human product of those whose people breed irresponsibly, thereby guaranteeing that places like Mexico and sub-Saharan Africa will have absolutely no incentive for demographic reform?

Also, you are ignoring the crime, poverty, drain on social services, and language and cultural clashes that result from mass migration of Third World populations into First World countries.

For a brilliant overview of the realities of "population redistribution," see "Stupidity Without Borders -- An Alliance of Utopias," linked to in the blogroll to the right.

hnoss: I'd be glad to reply if I could figure out what the hell you're saying.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a bunch of racist losers seem to gather here. "Often Muslim"? You are forgetting that wherever the white man goes, he has brought genocide, disease, death and starvation -- he has destroyed in huge numbers, endlessly, and we are expected to think Muslims *are* intolerant? Fuck no. Muslims are the ones who kept races living where they were living. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...


I don't believe Rick said anything about population decline in his original post. The dearth of babies born to ethnic Europeans is a deliberate choice based on a shift in values, i.e., preferring careers and material goods to families. These values aren’t necessarily my own, but neither should they be welcomed as an opportunity by self-loathing white Leftists or the Business Right to consign their own peoples to the ash heap of history. The positive consequence of lower birth rates is less pressure on the local environment and the opportunity for a nation to preserve its landscape, natural heritage and quality of life.

Your answer as to why the positive consequences of this trend need to be undermined by mass immigration is hardly compelling. Even if European and Western countries were to act as safety valves for overpopulation in other parts of the world, How long could this continue until the same effects are experienced in these "underpopulated" countries? Throughout the United States, one can see the effects of population growth in overcrowded schools, strained social service and health care budgets, and the social costs of an increasingly polyglot society. Vast areas of the countryside --- some of it replete with history --- are being decimated to make way for endless tract housing. This demand continues unabated at a time when both white and black Americans’ birth rates were leveling off.

Yes, a case can be made (a poor one) that a human tsunami can save Greece’s pension system, staff German retirement homes or --- most lame of all --- “enrich” England’s presumably deficient cultural heritage. The consequence of this, of course, is that while Greece, Germany, and England will continue, the Greeks, the Germans, and the English will not.

Even these considerations --- many of which can merely be measured in dollars, pounds, euros and kronor --- pale in comparison to the quintessential point: the survival of the historic national communities of Europe. If they are to survive, they will need to prevail upon their “leaders” to close the floodgates. The straw man you paint of immigration restriction requiring the construction of a “Berlin Wall” underscores the weakness of your argument. The governments of Europe could simply revert to historical precedent, i.e., reenact the immigration policies they had before the 1960s and 70s.

In some cases, they lack the will to do this. In others, they deliberately seek the dissolution of their own people. The guilt once central to the continent’s old faith (Christianity) has to be replaced with something, after all, in the new, Godless society. So the self-emasculated, secular clergy in Stockholm demand we don the hair shirts and swing the flagella for the sin of being white. How ironic it is that the finger-wagging EU technocrats can imprison their citizens for the elementary observation that differences exist between races while ascribing evil as the sole possession of Europeans. Persson’s government and its counterparts throughout Europe and the Anglosphere tyrannize their own people in much the same way Dostoevsky’s ‘Grand Inquisitor’ ruled Seville. They are installed in their stately buildings with the moral elevation of their ignorant charges as their holy prerogative.

Regarding Mr./Ms. ‘hnoss:’ Has anyone ever taught you the rules of civil discourse? It’s hard to find an argument in your incoherent screed, but you seem to characterize the Europeans that arrived in the New World as “immigrants.” This is very misleading. When those footholds were established on the eastern seaboard of what later became the United States, there was nothing here to emigrate to: no government, no relatives, no welfare system, no social agencies, no shelter. After a hazardous voyage of several months, they arrived in a wilderness, with nothing but their tools and the clothes on their backs. I would call them “settlers” in every sense of the word.

In time, other Europeans, often the subjects of rival sovereigns in the Old World, joined them. What brought these multiple nationalities together into a coherent whole was a shared culture, a common religion (within parameters) and, perhaps most importantly, a common face. To be sure, the people of African heritage contributed to that American culture, as did the Native Americans (who, by the way, are estimated to have numbered only three to 3 ½ million throughout the future continental US when the Europeans arrived). From its founding through the 1960s, however, America could hardly be characterized as the ‘multiculture’ the modern Left and their new buddies at the Chamber of Commerce would like us to believe. I would really encourage you to scratch a little below the surface to find answers rather than just regurgitating what is ladled out to you by the mass media and government ideologues.

As to ‘Anonymous,’ well, what can I say? Even a bastard usually has a name. You have obviously seen your share of Hollywood’s output, and attended Western schools, where self-deprecation is the stock in trade.

Meanwhile, the people of Mongolia are permitted --- nay, encouraged --- to celebrate their most notable of notables. Far from any sense of collective “guilt” for the vast swath of death and destruction perpetrated by Mr. Genghis Khan, there will be yearlong festivals and a folk/rock concert produced about the great man. Though he did inflict violence against people of ethnicities other than his own, it would be safe to say that we shall never see Mongolia’s leaders deliberately inundate their country with foreigners for their people’s own moral improvement. Just a few thoughts…


Anonymous said...

Maybe if more of Europe took the time to assimilate it's imigrants, more Osama Mohammed al-Taibas would become as English as Michael Portillo or as German as Jan novak or as Czech as Michael Strossmayer. Unfortunately, Europe's "tolerant" brand of multi-culturalism is so very "tolerant" taht it does nto even dare suggest assimilation and, therefore, cannot effectively pass on the human capital needed to continue as modern societies that produce great wealth and cultural and scientific inovation. Immigrants came to those countries to participate in those processes, but Eurocrats feed the immigrants' children in a toxic stew of resentment and an unearned sense of superiority that makes it very difficult for them to participate in it, but ruins them for normal life in traditional societies "back home".

That's not "tolerant" and enlightened, but rather cruel and ultimately self-threatening.

Anonymous said...

We have similar problems fast approaching in Australia. Whilst we do not have the number of Muslim immigrants as the larger European centres, we DO have the left-wing push for the Anglo/European Australians to lay down and cop it. We have large sectors of Muslim population within the suburbs of Sydney who make absolutely no effort to assimilate into our culture in any way. By this I mean they do not take on Australian values, they do not participate in the workforce and they do not discipline their young people. We have many instances of young women being pressured into marriage at inappropriately young age. These are young teenage girls who have been born and raised in Australia and should be able to take advantage of the freedoms and opportunities that our society offers but NO they are dragged back into the medieval ways of their ancestors and they do it on OUR soil. All the while our left-wing leaners defend these people's right to adhere to their own customs and cultures. When will European, British and other Anglo Saxon communities realise that all cultures are NOT equal. There is no benefit to these cultures in importing hatreds, prejudices and intolerance from the third world.

modifiedcontent said...

Roscoe and Hnoss, you are both confusing the issue. This isn't about immigrants. This is about islam!

Immigrants still overwhelmingly come to the US to become Americans. Europe is far worse off. It's relinquishing its culture to hostile muslim immigrants.

Funny how David Duke/white power types and leftist multiculturalists both idealize Europe...

modifiedcontent said...

Anonymous said...
"Fuck no. Muslims are the ones who kept races living where they were living. Dumbass."

1.5 million Armenian Christians would disagree

Anonymous said...

Anonymous seems to forget something elementary: the same white people he sneers at for their "crimes" the those who invented most of what makes Western civilization western, in the technological sense. Anonymous can scarcely take a breath without relying on that technology. Neither can most Muslims.

But what has the Muslim world invented for the benefit of mankind? Squat. Their oil would be worthless were it not for the uses we make of it.

The obsession with destroying huge airplanes reflects the self-hatred Muslims have over the realization that their civilization is utterly backward. No Muslim country can make such a sophisticated device, because Islam does not encourage inventiveness, and cares not a whit for improving the general welfare. It only cares about propagating itself. The greater the Muslim world's reliance on all the things they cannot make for themselves, the more driven they are to reassert the "purity" of Islam and the need to destroy the societies that they cannot emulate.

Perhaps Anonymous should spend a month or two in a Muslim society, as I have, and report on his findings. All the better if he is a she..........

Anonymous said...

Pretty good analysis. However, I have a couple of points:

1. America is much more "Europeanized" than the 68% number suggests. First, Hispanics are of European descent, generally. Blacks, although clearly not European, are generally not just assimilated, but are one of the pillars of American culture. Culturally, we are much more european than Europe, in a 19th century sense.

2. American minorities are mostly Christian, and don't present an ideological alternative to American culture at large.

3. America has a very strong assimilation ethic, unlike Europe.

4. Population decline is always bad. People who are worried about population and environmental sustainability have never taken I-8 to San Diego.

5. The death of the West is a bad thing. No other culture compares to ours in any measure that is worthwhile. And Islamic culture is a particularly benighted thing. Unfortunately, we have lost the ability to viscerally propound that point, and so people like Anonymous go unchallenged, and their folly becomes common currency.

6. I hope that people like Jon die childless, unable to pass their nihlistic worldview on. One doesn't need to tell the selfish secularists of the world that they are wrong. They are proving it daily with their suicide. But how does one reason with people who have no wish to live?

7. Thankfully, the meek will inherit the earth.

God Bless,
Jonathan, Tucson USA

Anonymous said...

"History is full of examples of one culture (oddly enough, often Muslim)"

You mean "Christian", don't you? I'm sure that's what you mean. Christians have been responsible for more genocidal actions then any other group in the world.

And lest you forget (or your readers), it was Christians who decimated the Aztecs, the American Indians and rampaged during the Inquisition, just to name a very few of the billions they have killed.

jomama said...

If the Swedes are going to do
anything about that now, they'll have
to learn to breed like rabbits.

Two chances that'll happen: slim and none.

Anonymous said...

It's true that we Americans of European ancestory were once immigrents too. I think the first thing we did after getting a foothold was kill the natives. The fact that we were once immigrants too is a pretty lame argument for ignoring mass immigration.

Anonymous said...

The problem with immigrants is that they only come to a country because of financial motivations and rarely because of oppression in their native country. They have no allegiance to the adoptive country and they only care about their paychecks. While the financial motivation works for US and Canada, it does not work with Europe. The US/Canada were built on these financial principles of prosperity. In Europe you are expected to fit in, to learn the language, the customs, the country's history, to cheer for the country's soccer team etc. If you don't make an effort to fit in you are regarded as an outsider. US, Canada, Australia is multi cultural while European countries not really.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

“We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”

I've got some bad news for Jens Orback. You are sadly dreaming if you believe that. When/if you become a minority, you will receive no such treatment from Islam and Muslims, I swear.