Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Invade the universe, invite the universe

Have you seen me?
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Name: "Starshine"
Age: 4,593,229,129

Missing since: 11/05/07

Description: Light on dark background. Still growing.

If seen, contact: University of Alabama at Huntsville.

Astronomers have determined that 20 percent of the universe is missing. Most likely it entered the United States via Mexico and is hiding in a "sanctuary city."

According to the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO), our "invade the world, invite the world" country has mistakenly allowed 21,000 people to enter the United States in a single year. That, mind you, is at legal border crossing points. It is only a small fraction of the number of illegals that actually make it through by clandestine means.
Staffing shortages and poor management at legal border crossings are among the reasons that people got through improperly, GAO found. A publicly released version of its report states “several thousand” of these people made it past Customs and Border Protection officers. An official with access to more detailed information told The Associated Press the number is about 21,000.
I am sure that Jorge W. Bush-Gonzales and his ruling junta would be terribly upset for a few minutes if it were later to be found that the cell members behind the next big time terror festival came swanning in through Checkpoint Jorge. But look, the important thing is to get this country to return to its Mexican roots as fast as possible. George Soros has been on the phone again, complaining how hard it is to get good lawn cutters for his mansions. The Wall Street Journal guy won't give him a break either: "This isn't the first time we've had this conversation, Georgy boy. You've been a big disappointment to us. Lettuce is rotting in the fields, burgers are going un-flipped. We need a breakthrough. Twenty-one thousand a year at the official border crossings doesn't crack the piƱata, amigo."

So if a few of those weapons of mass destruction walk through, well, that's the price for keeping the globalization elite in a good mood. Besides, no human being is illegal. Suicide bombers are just coming to America to find a better death for themselves.

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Tanstaafl said...

Most Americans have no idea how immigration works. They think we set limits, guard the borders, a few slip in now and then. They don't even think about the legal and supposedly temporary visitors who never leave.

The reality is that basically anyone who wants to come can. Anyone. Anytime. All it takes is nerve and money, and these days not very much of either. It also isn't just Latinos, no matter what the media wants you to think. They are most visible, at least the Mestizos, and I definitely tend to dwell on them since I'm literally surrounded by them. But the problem is much larger. There are enormous numbers of Russians, Asians, Africans, Caribbeans, Arabs, everyone from every corner of the globe seems to have realized that there's a free-for-all going on in the US. Indeed the entire West. For heaven's sake even sleepy old "nation of emigrants" Ireland is being flooded with aliens, many of them illegal. They're an island, how the heck can that happen?

The invaders, across the West, have come to this free-for-all to get their piece of the pie, their share of the loot. And many many more are right behind them.

PS. Rick if that Starshine age is in years you have about 9 digits too many. It still made me laugh though.

Rick Darby said...

I'm not very good at counting. Once I get past 7,346,066,034 I start to lose track.

Rick Darby said...

Actually, I did knock off a few digits from the "age" after tanstaafl's comment.