Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Words without songs

A blogging breakthrough!

"Rick Darby, whose blog posts have been noticed by dozens of readers on two continents, advances into new territory with a turn to poetry." — Pecos River Observer

"Darby breaks through the walls that have bound poetry in the late postmodernist period. Those walls will be rebuilt by close of business, you have my word." — Chaldean Review of Literature

"The most challenging new voice to come my way this morning." — West Quoddy Head Monitor

"Promising, but can it be sustained, or is he a one-hit wonder?" — Bury My Duodenum in the Old Root Cellar: New Directions in Poetry, 2007–2007

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Frivolously Serene Palette

I was rescued from town, by a crank sniffing glue,
But he vanished before he was through.
I climbed Mount Rainier to see how low I could sink.
A voice said, “More than you can know, but less than you think.”

Well, I tried to sail the Black Sea, just to ease my mind
Yes, I tried to sail the Black Sea, just to ease my mind
But the captain wasn’t fond of me
He said, “I know your kind.”

“I’m fleeing a rocket, please let me through,”
Said a Sibyl just out of view.
My heart is a key, a key without a lock.
She said, “I know you’ll arrive, to join our sweet flock.”
The wind pawed the ground to add, “Now ask why.”
Was that meant for me or you?

The note on the door said, “This message is true.”
One of many, or few?
I spawned several letters and mailed them on a moonlit breeze,
But one of the best was caught in the trees.

Well, I spoke to King Arthur, just to show I care
Yes, I spoke to King Arthur, just to show I care
He said, “I’m touched by your frozen honor,
But I can’t stand those clothes you wear.”

You were gentle enough, but fearsome too,
Which should have been a clue.
My eyes were dazzled, closed tight against the shade.
I said, “You know I’ll arrive, it’s the choice I’ve made.
We’ll open the window, peel the curtains, drink that sky,
That sky of green on blue.”

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