Monday, December 10, 2007

The Republican Party's Day of the Dead

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Republican presidential candidates
and supporters, Coral Gables, Florida

Republibots competed with one another to bend the knee to Hispanics and pro-Invasion interests in a Spanish-language debate in Florida yesterday. Winners in the fawning contest were Giuliani and McCain, with Huckabee coming up fast on the inside for a third place finish. The Washington Times gives this account:
Sen. John McCain and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani stood alone among the Republican presidential candidates in last night's Spanish-language debate in calling for some illegal aliens to be granted a path to citizenship. …

He and Mr. McCain said that after the border is secure, the illegal alien population can be addressed, with some being allowed to stay."The people who want to come forward should be allowed to come forward," Mr. Giuliani said.
Got that? "The people" — illegals — "who want to come forward" — be rewarded with citizenship for their violation of American law — "should be allowed to come forward." That is, only los illegals who want their reward should have it granted; those who do not want a tainted citizenship should not. What could be fairer? Somewhere among the 20 to 30 million there are a few who might have an attack of conscience and refuse the goods.
Asked specifically about citizen children being separated from illegal alien parents after work-site raids, none of the three candidates to whom the question was addressed answered it.

Mr. Romney, of Massachusetts, and Mr. Thompson, of Tennessee, spoke about birthright citizenship for those born here, while Mr. McCain, of Arizona, blamed the separations on Congress' failure to pass a bill.

I take this to mean that Romney and Thompson implied that birthright citizenship of reconquista babies is a fact of life, or at least that they weren't going to let mere principle get in the way of wooing Hispanics.
"The message of our failure is they want the border secured first, and we must secure the border first, and then we move on to all of these other issues," he said. "Once we secure the borders, I'm convinced the American people will proceed with issues like this in a humanitarian and compassionate fashion."

Mr. McCain said his fellow Republicans' harsh tone on immigration has cost his party support among Hispanic voters.

Got that? McCain, who made a tentative stab recently to mend his ways on immigration, was emboldened for recidivism by his amigos in the audience. We must secure the borders before we unsecure them. And, of course, the only issue is winning the support of Hispanic voters. The rest of the American people? Oh, please, they're just a bunch of dummies. We'll come up with a way to buy their votes too.

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While he may not have overtly cast his lot with finagling amnesty, Huckabee made perhaps the evening's stupidest single comment (among those reported): "'It's a terrible thing when a person who is here legally, but speaks with an accent, is racially profiled by the public,' he said." Absolutely pathetic, trying to curry favor by telling the ethnic group at this whistle stop they are victims, persecuted, racially profiled, not affirmatively acted for enough. Vote for him or it's the gas chamber for sure.
Not taking part in the debate was Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, who boycotted the event in protest of the Spanish-language format. He said the debate only would further the "balkanization" of the U.S. and said it didn't make sense to debate in Spanish when the citizenship test requires a demonstration of English ability.
Bless his heart. Someone actually taking a stand for the United States as a historical and cultural continuity, not just a permeable membrane.

The candidates — and I include the decent Ron Paul — shouldn't have demeaned themselves by participating in this act of Hispandering. But in a way, I'm glad it happened. I now know, without a sliver of doubt, the names of several men who should never be elected president of the United States. They are the candidates whose constituency is the dead. The dead America.

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