Tuesday, January 08, 2008

British Embassy pushes Islam in Washington


This is one of the photographs on exhibit at A Muslim Choir. Dr. Timothy Winter (Abdul Hakim Murad), of the faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, leads his Muslim choir in their recitation from the 'Muslim Songs of the British Isles' in the grounds of Cambridge college."

You can see more examples of the carefully cropped, idealized image of Islam in Britain the embassy wants to con you into believing at the exhibit Web site.

The oily text declares:
This exhibition salutes the ordinary and the extraordinary contributions made by Muslims in the everyday life of the United Kingdom. They too play an integral role in medicine, law, politics and every other profession and field. They have contributed hugely to creating the wealth and prosperity which Muslims and non-Muslims alike enjoy in the UK today.
As the British expression goes: cobblers. Ask the non-Muslim, indigenous British residents of Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, and the many areas of London where Muslims predominate how the Prophet's followers have changed their neighborhoods. Sure, ask them about Muslims' ordinary contributions, as well as those, uh, "extraordinary" ones. Like the mosques run by imams foaming at the mouth as they preach hatred against the infidels who have welcomed them and support many of them on welfare.

The exhibit got one thing right, though: the Muslims do play an integral role in politics. Both Labour and the Tories are servile to them, ready to send even a judge to a re-education camp ("further training") for asking a woman to remove her face-hiding veil in court.



Hermes said...

"They too play an integral role in medicine..."

Ha! Like those Muslim terrorist doctors implicated in the Glasgow bombing attempt last year? Yeah, I suppose that's an integral role in medicine. I mean, if no one takes on the onus of maiming people, non-terrorist docs won't have any patients to patch up.

Rick Darby said...


Ha ha! I wish I'd thought of that to use in the blog post.