Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Devil sends his compliments

England expects every person to do her duty!
Welcome your friends and neighbours!

I read this yesterday but quickly dismissed it as a subject for a blog posting:

Fanatic 'hoped to spread fear with beheading'
A terrorist planned to kidnap a British Muslim soldier, cut his head off “like a pig” and release a video of the beheading to cause panic and fear across the country, a court has heard. Parviz Khan, 37, was said to be a “fanatic” at the centre of a terrorist network shipping bomb-making equipment to kill British soldiers in Afghanistan.
But he was also hatching a plot at his home in Birmingham, to “kidnap and butcher” a member of the British armed forces, Leicester Crown Court heard. Khan was “enraged by the idea of Muslim soldiers in the British army,” said Nigel Rumfitt QC, prosecuting.
He said Khan planned to enlist the help of drug dealers to approach a soldier in Broad Street, the nightclub centre of Birmingham.

“They were going to take him to a lock-up garage and there he would be murdered by having his head cut off 'like a pig,’” Mr Rumfitt said.

A practiced self-nagger, I later confronted myself: why had I thought this bit of news not worth comment? Have we — me included — become so blasé about planned or actual terrorist outrages that they barely register on the Jihad Seismic Scale? There have been thousands before, will be thousands henceforth. Yawn.


Assuming Parviz Khan and his associates are found guilty as charged, it won't change the big picture. Plotters after plotters may be arrested — and, credit where due, the counterterrorism agencies of the Western countries seem to have done a brilliant job — but long term, the normalization of murderous deviancy becomes a fact through sheer repetition of atrocities and would-be atrocities. They become like car accidents and natural disasters, distressing to read about but without the power to shock, and without giving rise to questions about why such things continue to happen.

Further analyzing why I didn't think this item worth a blog post, I had to admit that in Britain such things no longer make a difference; would have made no difference even if the wicked plan had been carried out. Sure, many British people would have been sickened and outraged, with calls to stop the insanity of Muslim immigration. But they might as well save their breath to cool their porridge with.


The country's
Boneless Wonder rulers have long since made the decision for ethnic replacement of the native stock. It's what their globalist masters want and what they expect will keep them in office now and eventually land them cushy sinecures at EU headquarters in Brussels.

So the politicians will shake their heads. How unfortunate. They will appoint a high-level committee (let's see, this is number 347, is that right?) to study the root causes. Presently they will issue a gravely worded report, expressing in the strongest possible terms the need for greater efforts to integrate Muslims into British society. The U.K. is still full of prejudice. The future majority must be welcomed. Not only by government programs, important as those are, but by individuals, reaching out to the newcomers to show how valued they are, lest they have brain space for Bad Thoughts.

"Parviz? Come in please. So glad you could make it by this evening! Sit you down and get right comfy. Can I offer you something to drink? No, of course not alcoholic, I know that's forbidden by your Prophet (p-be-uh), booze just a decadent custom of us infidels, how about a nice traditional cuppa tea? Great!

"So … understand you're in the export business. Some sort of equipment for rebuilding Afghanistan, right? Good line, that, plenty of customers I reckon. Do you go in for football, Par? Thought you might be an Arsenal supporter, hope we can go to a match one of these days. Bring your wives."

The British Establishment has made its deal with the Devil. The Devil always keeps his part of the bargain. And sees to it that he gets what's owed him.



Michael Tams said...

Mr. Darby,

Excellent post, sir. While I have concern that it may become detrimental to me in some degree, I've decided to speak honestly about Islam if ever the slightest opportunity presents itself. Only if enough people do that will the idea reach the masses that the problem lies in Islam itself.


Anonymous said...

When 7/7 occured, the media - both domestic and international - reported it as Blitz spirit London, stiff upper lip and wot not. The real reason was bovine indifference on the part of Londoners. Intelligent people are quietly selling up and emigrating.

Rick Darby said...

Thanks, Michael and Anon.

As I said in the previous post, the American media are monomaniacal about the election and provincial in virtually ignoring the bigger picture. That's why I plan to emphasize developments elsewhere in the world.

Michael, sometimes I wonder what it would take to get Americans to recognize the immediate dangers both of militant Islam and Mexican reconquista.

Anon., you confirm the impression I got. Far from bearing up under adversity, Londoners just don't want to know.

Flanders Fields said...

Rick, Much of the already controlled world is being used to place pressure against America.

Much of the control which exists in Europe was accomplished with assistence from within the US. Private foundations, interest groups with internationalist leanings, and elements within the state department steered US funds to groups which were anti-US in purpose and message. Now, that message is being beamed back against our country and against the American people.

Americans need to realize that communism is not dead. It has lived within our own country and our own government as long as it has elsewhere. We are being told of it's death at a time when it is most active. It is monolithic (universal in it's aims) and has always been. The USSR was merely the revolutionary form. In the US and Europe, it is more of a nature as being evolutionary.

Marxism is devastating to liberty and freedom in either guise. It will eventually become as deadly. The important thing is to recognize that it is international and has a growing strength. As such, it will affect all of us in the West along with our liberties and freedoms.

International pressures will be brought to bear against our country, the people and our freedoms (which are not the freedoms of license which are being hailed today, but our traditional freedoms). The internal thrust of the internationalist movement will be both against the mechanisms which are built into our traditional systems which protect those freedoms, and against the people's understanding of those.

YIH (Google changes it to lowercase) said...

Six beheadings?
More than happy to do so. I'm sharpening my maschte in anticipation of BEGINING to fight this so-called ''war on terrorism''.
When we BEGIN to treat Moslims the way they treat us I'll accept this whole ''war on terrorism'' idea.
Not until.