Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You would scarcely know that anything is happening in the world other than our election politics if you get your news from the American media. It strikes me as lazy and provincial on the part of our editors and reporters — so what else is new?

In this presidential race, every hemi-demi-semi-quaver spoken, every blink blinked, by the candidates is analyzed to the subatomic level, from every perspective. Unless I have something to add,
I plan to blog mainly about other stuff that strikes me as interesting or important. The rest of the world doesn't sleep while we go through our bizarre election rituals.


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Flanders Fields said...

Those are hypnotic rituals, aren't they, Rick? Useless, too, at least to American voters.

The Anti American Press and Media Party are doing great! They have won every election since the 1960's. Too bad that the American People's Party has had no candidates since then. That seems to be of little concern to Americans, who don't seem to grasp that the APP don't have any candidates.

All the candidates belonging to the AAPMP's corporate democratic left wing or to their republican corporate left wing are doing wonderfully, but they always do! Their daily news and media divisions gain voters for one of their wings on a continuous basis.

I understand that after the elections the AAPMP are shortening their name and it will be known only as the "M" Party. It's not clear whether the name is to reflect Media or Marxist - but there is too little difference to matter. It is probably the latter since the name should be more reflective of their goals and purpose.

Too bad that the APP doesn't have such a network for publicity. It needs to find a way to get the people back for their base. If they had a similar news and media wing, it might help greatly. A few corporate donors on their side would help greatly, too.