Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bust of future First Lady unveiled

Queen Michelle Oprahbama-Nefertiti

Just when you thought this presidential campaign couldn't get more bizarre ...

Bold sculpture of Michelle Obama with American flag
across her bare chest

... reads the headline in The Telegraph.
The powerful clay work shows Mrs Obama in the style of an African Queen, wearing large hooped earrings and an "afro pick" comb in her Egyptian-influenced hairstyle.

An American flag is tattooed across her naked chest and the comb is decorated with pearls, the traditional garb of a First Lady, and an American Eagle.

Assuming her consort wins the election, saves the world for all future generations of mankind, and Michelle Obama finally has reason to really feel proud of her country, whichever one that might be, the dress-up (or dress-down) inaugural ball should be very interesting, perhaps the first R-rated program broadcast from the Multi-Cultural (née White) House.
The work, by controversial sculptor Daniel Edwards, is clearly a nod to both Mrs Obama's ethnic roots and her position at the heart of American culture and politics. As her husband, Barack Obama, battles to win the next US presidential elections, she has come under intense media spotlight, and has been likened to former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

However, Edwards said: "The goal is to create a look for Michelle Obama that eliminates excessive comparisons to Jackie Kennedy."

I don't think anyone will dispute that he has succeeded in that.
A gallery spokesman said: "Look out Oprah, a new 'Lady O's' in charge. Michelle Obama inspires a fashion template change that many First Ladies of the 21st Century may follow, as we witness minorities in this country becoming the majority."

The sculpture forms part of the Inspire America series by Edwards, which includes the Oprah Sarcophagus, and The Iraq War Memorial, featuring a work which depicts Prince Harry as if he had died in combat clutching the cameo-locket of his late mother, Princess Diana.

All hail, Queen Michelle!

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''Inspire America'' eh? It 'inspried' me to toss this phrase out again: GAWD THAT'S UGLY!!!