Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New element discovered: Antimoney

I've no time for a real post today but can't resist quoting a couple of comments from the discussion board at Marketwatch.

Easyesteemer writes: "At the end of the day today what has changed? The market gave back all of yesterdays gains so nothing has happened. Oh, yes, a couple of fat cats walked with millions of severance pay. Kind of like watching one of those fuzzy videos of a store robbery. Only we are the ones getting robbed."

Robpublicagain writes:
The LHC [Large Hadron Collider, a particle accelerator] has discovered a new previously unknown subatomic state of matter. Scientists have named this new state of matter – Antimoney.

Antimoney identifying physical trait is that it completely annihilates regular money. Scientists are studying this behavior and are trying determine why the chain reaction continued even after the shut down of the LHC. Further, it appears a beam of Antimoney has been generated and focused in the direction of Wall Steet.
Even if we Americans lose everything else in the gathering financial apocalypse, we'll still have our sense of humor.



leadpb said...

I'm not sure about the actual scale of damage but isn't this situation a close parallel to the savings & loan outrage of the 1980s, where again there was no execution of justice?

These scenarios resemble the medical profession (and Islam for that matter) in that the member-players never rat on one another or help third parties keep the system accountable.

Only when the bitter lessons reach those at the top do we have a temporary equating of pain and loss. But never an equality of gain or reward.

Rick Darby said...

I read some "alternative" financial sites, where the message boards are full of people debating just how bad it is and will be, and who is to blame.

The second question is probably easier to answer: just about every segment (not every individual) in the U.S. has behaved irresponsibly — politicians, the financial industry, real estate brokers, regulators who winked at abuses, etc., but also ordinary people who allowed themselves to be convinced they could live high on the hog indefinitely, without regard for ordinary prudence or common sense.