Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tighter little island

Peter Hitchens, bless his heart, feels sick at the prospect of the United Kingdom not only losing any of its traditional cultural identity but becoming wretchedly overpopulated, a European India.
Our Brussels masters predict that Britain will soon be the most crowded country in the whole of Europe. Presumably this is what they want, since it is their laws that have destroyed our borders and abolished British citizenship and British passports (that wretched puce thing in your pocket is an EU passport, not a British one, and the further east you go, the easier they are to get).

The European Commission says there will be almost 80million people crammed into our landscape by 2058. Just imagine all that concrete, the thousands of square miles (or square kilometres as they will be by then) chewed up by bulldozers.

Imagine the unending 24-hour whoosh and grind of traffic, the bulging trains, the seething, noisy, litter-strewn parks on hot summer Sundays, the crowded schools, the endless waits at enormous polyclinics to see a doctor you’ve never met before and will never see again, who probably doesn’t have English as a first language, and the multicultural schools where half the class will always be from somewhere else. I’m quite glad to think I’ll be dead by then.

England's "green and pleasant land" is being turned into an island-wide version of New York City and its New Jersey suburbs.


Americans have no reason to feel superior to this madness. The United States has added 100 million to its population since the 1970s, mostly through immigration and immigrants' high birth rates. On it goes, and goes. The process is like compounded interest, growth of growth, not addition.

The Liberal Establishment loves a booming population (as long as it's a non-Anglo boom), since that advances its program of race replacement. The Business Establishment loves bigger numbers because they mean more cheap labor and, in theory, more consumers.

White nationalists want to try to outbreed immigrants. The Catholic Church wants to soak in a bath of millions more Latinos accompanied by a consequent spiritual uplift for its collection plates.

"Green" activists wouldn't dream of population stabilization or reduction — they want us to adopt a meager lifestyle and live in high-rise multi-unit dwellings instead of houses, so we can shoehorn still more people into the country, since they imagine that will boost their leftist agenda. The social work Mafia wants lots more clients to build its empires on. Every group craves more people in the belief their own fortunes are thereby furthered.

We can look forward to a population of 400 million in another 30 years, unless there is a change of heart and our people say too much is too much.


The only thing that makes the U.S. any better able than the U.K. to absorb vast additional numbers is that we are a much bigger country and have more room — although that is deceptive, because population growth occurs in concentrated areas, not randomly distributed over all the so-far sparsely settled space.

Our new millions won't be living at 12,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains or the sandy hills of West Texas. They'll gravitate toward urban and suburban areas, where the effects of human density will make life less bearable with each passing year.

Who speaks up for quality of life? Almost no one, it seems, except for the occasional eccentric like Peter Hitchens. Everyone else worships growth, as though that is some kind of good in itself.


Overpopulation is the
hell we will deny, deny, deny, until it becomes totally intolerable. And incapable of amelioration.

Never has reincarnation seemed less appealing.


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