Monday, October 05, 2009

No more postings until the weekend

Airline routes of the world
(Tip of the hat: Douglas Wilson)

I'll be out of town. Dig you later.



MaryJ said...

Too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing you post on Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

yih said...

Me too. I am just absolutely dumbfounded. This is something straight out of The Onion.
BTW, Just checked, I doubt they'll even touch that one!
This brings absurd to a whole new level.

Rick Darby said...

Are you serious? This is the first I've heard of it. The news must have been released yesterday, which I spent mainly in airplanes and airports, and when I got home I just wanted down time and didn't go online.

All I can say at the moment is that after Jimmy Carter received it, the Nobel Piss Prize is a disgrace, not an honor.

MaryJ said...

C'mon, this is even worse than the Carter pick. Worse than the Rigoberta Menchu or Yassir Arafat pick. This is hilarious. It's not the Nobel Piss Prize anymore, it's gone way beyond that.

It's reached the status of a super-secret plastic decoder ring found in a box of Crackerjacks.

yih said...

Yup. ''The Failed Messiah's handlers will insert a line in his acceptance speech about how "humble" he feels''

You must be psychic ;)