Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Washington's Population Replacement Museum


The latest step in turning the United States into a Latin American country is a proposed National Museum of the American Latino.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar asked the congressionally created commission to report back to lawmakers in one year instead of two on the viability of the museum, with lead organizers predicting that a museum celebrating the American Latino experience, possibly on the National Mall, is about 10 years away.
Ten years? That may be how long it will take to build it. But the authorization will probably occur in the second year of the Obama Caliphate, slipped as an amendment into a bill on fishing subsidies or green energy. Most of our Congressduds won't even know what they're voting for. Reading bills is so 20th century.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Caliph
Obama at National Latino Museum Opening, 2015

They are considering as a site the Smithsonian's now-closed Arts and Industries building. Wherefore closed? Well, it used to display examples of historical American manufacturing progress. That's so, you know, 19th century. Today we devote our national museums to ethnic consciousness. " … The National Museum of African American History and Culture is expected to open on the Mall in 2015," the story says.

The comments at include some lulus:

"I wonder if you'll enter the museum through a tunnel?"

"How much space will be devoted to human sacrifice and cannibalism?"

"When you get to the museum, don't drink the water."

"To make the experience complete, when you park your car it'll be stripped and put up on cinder blocks until you leave."

"Great. Another ethnic museum. I can see the exhibits now — The Evolution of the Taco. Enchiladas Throughout History. How the White Man Destroyed A Peaceful People. How Oppressed Illegals Help The US Economy. The Myths About Mexican Gang Crime in Los Angeles. Wonderful. Where can I donate?"

For my part, I wonder if there will be separate drinking fountains, one labeled La Raza and the other, Los Gringos.



MnMark said...

And parking for the new museum will be on the lawn in front of it.

Terry Morris said...

One unique feature of the museum will be its ability to house five families of exhibits in a single thousand square foot room. Male visitors are encouraged to urinate on the parking lot/lawn upon arrival.

Rick Darby said...

MnMark and Terry,


MaryJ said...

There'll be a special set-aside on the lawn for day laborers and under-age prostitution rings. Corporate sponsorships provided by Home Depot and Trojan condoms.