Saturday, October 17, 2009


Tiepolo, Rinaldo and Armida

My wife and I are heading to Italy tomorrow. I still don't own a laptop, so posting will be intermittent, but I will write entries when I can find cheap connectivity at a hotel or Internet cafe.

Regular posting will resume about November 1.




Dennis Mangan said...

Buon viaggio!

Rick Darby said...

Grazie, Dennis!

zazie said...

Bon voyage à vous deux, veinards!
veinards (slang) = lucky people....

MaryJ said...

Have fun Rick. Be sure to see all the treasures of Europe that you can, before the Muslims destroy them. They already have their sights on destroying a priceless 15ht Century mural in a Church in Bologna because it shows Mo in Hell. Google it if you want to know more about the case.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, Rick!