Friday, November 13, 2009

The mouth that roared

Grim times for what remains of the Republic.

One ray of hope: the controversy over Fort Hood and its aftermath is not quietly dying down, as the radical-left Obi mob and its running dogs in the mainstream media no doubt would like.

It's just possible it might have been shuffled off to the back pages and relegated to weepy news stories about the victims had not a certain top U.S. Army general, George Casey, opened his mouth and made a statement that instantly became legendary:
Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.
It is now in the electronic ether, a symbol, reverberating, as plain as can be.


There can be no more evasions, wink-wink, ideological doubletalk. The general let the truth out. "Diversity" is now the idol that we must all bow to, regardless of consequences. The soldiers whose lives were snuffed out at Fort Hood -- hey, rum luck for them, but that's the price we pay for Diversity. Sort of an offering to the idol. Human sacrifice kind of thing.

What is this Diversity? As Bob Dylan wrote in the lyrics for "All Along the Watchtower": Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.


Diversity is population replacement. Diversity is race replacement. The people who now run this country do not like the kind of people who created, strengthened, and sustained it for so long. They want a type of country that so much of the world is cursed with. Divided and conquered. Balkanized so that various racial and ethnic groups will cancel out each other's interests, leaving the We Are the World quasi-Marxists in charge with no effective opposition. Diversity is also a euphemism for officially sanctioned discrimination against white people -- Crow Jim.

I am scared of this Establishment, but I'm glad the general put the cards on the table. With episodes like that, and the decision to bring the 9/11 terrorists to New York for a civilian trial, the revulsion against this dementia is strengthening. I don't believe that is wishful thinking. Aside from the usual suspects (New York Times, PBS, etc.), the tone of the debate about the national question is changing. Unless I read the signs wrong, many are beginning to look around nervously and ask, what have we done to ourselves?


Can we undo so much misrule? Who knows. But the question will not leave us alone.



Anonymous said...

"Human sacrifice kind of thing." Rick, you are a consistently fine writer, but with that line you hit it out of the park.


Rick Darby said...


Thank you kindly. I do try for some kind of style, but (for the serious postings, like this one) it's in aid of helping convey the content.

MaryJ said...

Sort of an offering to the idol. Human sacrifice kind of thing.
Also applies to native European girls, some as young as 12 or 13, who are regularly targeted for rape and "sexual grooming" by Muslim and African immigrants, while the authorities deliberately suppress the information from the native Euros. Those little girls are among the most pathetic and heart-breaking of the human sacrifices to the monsterous, insatiable Diverse-a-Beast.

MaryJ said...

PS -- if you work in Corporate America you are required to genuflect to the Diverse-a-Beast regularly as a condition of employment.

Terry Morris said...

Mary J.,

It's not just if you work in (corporate) America. Voluntary "patriot" reactionary organizations such as the Oath Keepers have been scared sh*tless into bowing down, in fine Hussein-Islam-worshipping style, before the all-powerful, all-encompassing, multi-culti diversity engine that is modern America.

I wish I could give a better report, but that's what I've learned to date.

MaryJ said...

Terry Morris,

Indeed the Diverse-a-Beast is a many-tentacled totalitarian monster. It's like that in the near future, the punishment for disrespecting the Diverse-a-Beast will no longer simply be ostracism and unemployment, but incarceration and even death. After all the people who invented it racked up a pretty good score when they mainly concentrated on class warfare; it's not unreasonable to assume that ethnic warfare will rack up an even bigger score for these lovely people.

Anonymous said...

The trial of this alleged terrorist is I suppose to be a public trial by jury.

The question I have is how will it be possible to find 12 persons good, true and fearless, to be on the jury?

Answer: All of them will be devout Muslims.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, Hasan was a soldier of allah(SOA). This is what he had printed on his calling cards. Therefore he was acting as a loyal soldier to the cause he had given his allegiance to. In his eyes, and in the eyes of many Muslims, he is not a traitor.

The greater betrayal is of those who knew of Hasan's Islamist views (he never hid them, and openly broadcast his beliefs), and yet deliberately, and as a matter of policy, chose to ignore them. Hasan gave every indication that his loyalty was not to the US, yet continued to retain his position of authority and trust, despite the threat he posed.

For this, 13 people were murdered. They were sacrificed on the altar of the new religion of diversity.

This betrayal/delusion is still continuing its deadly work, the media as well as positions of authority.

What has brought this to a head is the Fort Hood massacre, itself a predictable byproduct of our intervention to bring the light of freedom and liberal democracy to Afghanistan - a noble goal.

Anonymous said...

Just seen an anouncement. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is going to get a military tribunal and not a trial by jury.