Monday, November 23, 2009

Unhealthy obsession

"Senator, if you'll just refer to
section 1230(h)(3) on page 1,526 … "

I've had little to say about the Government Healthcare Takeover Bill because it has received so much attention from others with more time than I to probe both its substance and implications. But does anyone really comprehend the details of this grab bag of new welfare entitlements, more layers of bureaucracy, and backhanders to convince wavering politicians to vote the "right" way? Surely fewer people can fathom its fullness than can explain the theory of relativity.

No doubt, some honestly believe this gargantuan extension of the federal government into the lives and choices of its citizens is for the good. But the majority of its supporters, in Congress especially, know only what it symbolizes: another step toward the state-run Utopia that their ideology urges, as well as plums for whatever lobby or interest group pays for their re-election campaigns.


It looks to me like the Government Healthcare Takeover Bill is in the running to be the worst piece of legislation since the country's debut. Its only rival is President for Life Obama's $787 billion stimulus bill whisked through last February, which up to this moment has stimulated some corporate profits and the stock market, without the slightest benefit to the individuals and families who are most hurting.

Nine months after the stimulus, the official unemployment rate stands at 10.2 percent, certainly an understatement since the official figures exclude people who are working part time when they want to work full time, and those who have just given up. Thanks partly to the stimulus sucker bait, the national debt has reached new, obscene and nearly unmanageable levels.

In a way, the most alarming thing about the healthcare bill is that it is being rammed through purely as a power play. Look at Saturday's Senate vote: 60 to 39, strictly along party lines. Such a split wouldn't happen if the bill had been seriously studied, analyzed, debated, and thoughtfully considered. There would be crossover votes (from both parties), by Senators who had consulted the wishes of the people they allegedly represent and perhaps their own consciences and powers of reasoning.


Should welfare state healthcare be forced through, against the preference of the majority of citizens, we will be a different kind of country; not only because of the contents of the legislation, but even more because of the high-handed, high-pressure tactics used to get it enacted. This is how they do things in third world coups d'état.

How long till there are tanks and soldiers on the Capitol and White House lawn to protect the President for Life and his legislative junta from the wrath of a defeated people?


Sorry, but this is irresistible. From the Newspaper of Record's always overflowing Corrections section:
An article on Oct. 25 about the recent governor’s race in New Jersey misidentified the illegal activity that some Sephardic rabbis had been accused of and that the article characterized as part of the state’s infamous corruption. The rabbis were charged with money laundering, not with selling body parts and then using the money to bribe politicians.
The rabbis are lucky they will only face money laundering charges. Under the proposed government healthcare scheme, selling body parts and using the money to bribe politicians will be a monopoly of the federal government.


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