Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti speech

The dreadful destruction visited on Haiti by the earthquake is a genuine humanitarian crisis. But I suspect it is a crisis that our rulers will not let go to waste.

Haiti needs all the help — well, almost all the help — we can offer. It is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. At the best of times, it hardly has the resources to cope with an emergency; in a full-blown disaster it is virtually helpless. I am more than happy for a portion of my tax money to go for whatever the United States can supply in medical and reconstruction aid. And I'm glad to live in a country where many will volunteer their expertise and labor to reduce suffering in Haiti.


I have $20 that says that within a few days, Little Daddy Obama will call his panting spaniels in the media to a press conference and announce that he has "directed" the Citizenship and Immigration Services to provide tens of thousands of green cards to Haitians to settle in the United States.*

Anybody want to take the other end of the bet?

Obama may be slow off the mark when it comes to standing up to Muslim aggression, but when it's a question of race replacement for "his" country, no gazelle can keep up with him.


* The Citizenship and Immigration Services web site offers green cards for families, jobs, refugee or asylum status, and "other ways." Citizenship may be granted through naturalization, parents, or a "naturalization test." And don't forget humanitarian parole, battered spouse, children and parents (battered parents?), victims of human trafficking and other crimes, "special situations," and "temporary protected status." Who are they kidding? The word "temporary" in connection with government means "get it now and we'll forget to tell you when time's up."



yih said...

Sorry but I'm not gonna bet against you. That's been in the back of my mind too.
Trouble is, Duh-bya or McAmnesty would have been just as likely to extend 'disaster relief' visas as Obama.
Here's also what I'm worried about: long term 'disaster relief'.
As in until, say 2013 and beyond.
Large amounts of money that will just wind up in various Swiss bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Obama hardly ever looks straight at the camera. He looks to one side, then to his notes, then to the right, and so on.

Its as if he does not like eye contact with the audience.

a rich white guy said...

At least 50% of the $$ collected for Haiti relief will go, as do all international charities, to the people collecting them and to the rulers who make sure Haiti remains Haiti. I am so sick and tired of being asked to help this or that international cause by people who don't know their neighborhoods, neglect their parents and generally treat everyone around them badly, i.e. by the big city liberals I live among. Massive, never ending wealth transfers from productive white families to blacks within the country; transfers of wealth and blood via crime; wealth transfers from Western countries to black countries; mass immigration and yet...and yet...we are racist, we are racist, we are racist...I've had it. Haiti gets not a dime from me. It's not their fault, true, but neither is it my fault what goes on in Detroit, yet I pay for it daily. The time for Atlas to shrug has come. I just don't care anymore; my humanitarianism has been (mis)spent by the leftist scum who rule the West.

Rick Darby said...

Rich White Guy,

You are mixing different issues. Humanitarian relief following a natural disaster is a moral imperative, as long as it remains on site. Transferring victims to the United States would make a dysfunctional society in Haiti our problem.

I am against Third World immigration (and most other immigration — with a population of 300 million, we don't need to add more). I'm against foreign aid to countries where we know from experience it will just wind up the the bank accounts of kleptocrats.

But you would call an ambulance for someone having a heart attack, even if you thought he was a jerk, I hope.

Deborah said...

Mr. Darby: I'm glad I didn't take you up on your bet. Below was cut and pasted from in Atlanta:

ORLANDO -- Thousands of Haitian earthquake survivors could soon be calling Florida home.

The American Red Cross says there is a plan to bring as many as 45,000 evacuees from Haiti to Florida.

Rick Darby said...

From the N'Joisy Star-Ledger:

Protected status urged for illegal immigrants

With Haiti in ruins, advocates for illegal immigrants and more than a dozen members of Congress have renewed longstanding calls for the U.S. government to allow Haitians living illegally in this country to stay here and work -- possibly for years. They want President Obama to grant Haitian nationals what is known as "temporary protected status," which prevents authorities from deporting illegal immigrants from selected countries devastated by natural disasters, military conflicts and other problems.

It's beyond dementia. Our rulers demand that we take to ourselves every sick, dysfunctional society on earth. To show how "compassionate" we are, we must destroy our own culture.

I am ready to weep for the death of America. But it has not arrived, not quite yet.

Patriots, the hour of decision is now.

Rick Darby said...

Haitian nationals in the U.S. have been granted Temporary Protected Status, allowing them to stay in the U.S. 18 months past their visa expiration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday.

The Hill

And in another year and a half (or longer, depending on when their visas expire), the Establishment is going to make them go back to Haiti. Right.

Why did no one take me up on my wager? I could have used that 20 bucks.

yih said...

ORLANDO -- Thousands of Haitian earthquake survivors could soon be calling Florida home.

[sarcasm]Oh lovely[/sarcasm]
Guess where I live (and Chris Roach, AKA 'Mansized Target')?
Just what we don't need, in the Orlando metro area unemployment is over 12%. FL is a housing bubble state as well. I bet many of these 'earthquake refugees' are going to be packing our already jam-packed jails.

Anonymous said...

If the man dying of a heart attack had just been released for the 400th time from the Emergency Room for a crack binge, I would think twice about calling an ambulance for his heart attack. And, I am sober off of crack and alcohol for 15+ years now.

Marcus said...

It appears that my uncharitable response posted as "rich white guy" may have been more prescient than vicious, re: fraud, mass migration, occupation and in the end, extortion.

One can be sorry for individuals and yet hate the situation.