Thursday, January 21, 2010

What did I tell you?

Rewind to January 14.

Federal immigration officials are expecting up to 200,000 undocumented Haitian immigrants, including nearly 68,000 in South Florida, to apply for a new federal immigration program that would allow the migrants to legally remain and work in the United States for 18 months.

The estimated number of potential applicants for Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, is far larger than earlier predictions of about 30,000 Haitians nationwide, according to local immigrant organizations and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials.

This is no more than an opening move. First, give "temporary" amnesty to as many as 200,000 Haitians illegally in the United States. Temporary will mean until the sun burns out from Manmade Universal Cooling. Meanwhile, those temporarily protected aliens won't be slow to issue anchor babies.

Then, of course, all the children/parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins/nephews/nieces of les criminels haitiens will get their invitations to come hither — can't separate families! If that doesn't give the Democrats a permanent lock on Florida, we will adopt Haiti in its entirety as a "special U.S. state."

The Alinskyite Marxists sure do know how to dismiss a citizenry and hire a new one.



Anonymous said...

Need to think.

Marxists are exploiting a weak spot in our system - compassion for the unfortunate, even to the point of destroying civilisation.

There has to be a way.

Option 1 of the previous thread, is still the best, but only if disasters are not allowed to circumvent immigration policy. That such was the case until quite recently needs to be remembered. Therefore disasters should not used to break immigration policy.

If we allow this to continue, then each disaster in the world, will allow 100,000+ unskilled people into the US. Assumimg two such disasters, we have 200,000, on top of "normal" illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home.

Yes, but it should be directed to where the need is.

If one invites the needy to outnumber us at home, then we wont have the wherewithal to excercise charity to the remaining needy in the world.

Anonymous said...

Edward writes:

Fifty years ago Haiti had a population of three million. today the population is nine million. More than half their population lives on international relief and welfare including food. That does not include the approximately one million Haitians that live in the U.S.

This population explosion occurred because of Western countries, primarily America, providing them with food, better sanitation, and medical services. Nature never intended Haiti to have nine million people.We did it because we thought we were doing good. A gnostic fantasy. We are going to support them forever otherwise they will return to famine and chaos. The median I.Q of Haitians is 71. Does Washington really expect them with our help to build a self sustaining society and a democratic government?

Several years ago while I was taking a taxi I asked the driver who was from Haiti, "Why is Haiti so poor while the Dominican Republic, while not rich, is so much better off". He gave me an honest and intelligent answer. He said " We have no white people, we killed them all".

Anonymous said...

Leading neocon says we should admit one million Haitians into the U.S.

Elliott Abrams, assistant secretary of state under President Reagan and son-in-law of the dominant neoconservative, Norman Podhoretz, argues in the Washington Post that in order to help Haiti we should greatly increase Haitian immigration. His idea is that Haitian immigrants making money here and in other Western countries will send far more money back to their native country and help alleviate its poverty than will ever be provided by foreign aid:

This is what I'm afraid of. A couple disasters in Haiti per year, and we will have all Haitian people in America in a few years.