Sunday, January 03, 2010

Material witness

Psychical researcher Michael Roll describes his experience with materialization of spirits on the "Other Side" in an interview with Lou Bondi on Maltese TV. (Tip of the hat: The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom.)

Materialization (or physical) mediumship is the rarest kind. Most mediums can see, hear, or sense spirits. Materialization mediums are apparently able to provide a quasi-physical substance that enables spirits who have passed from this life to return in temporary physical bodies. Bizarre? You bet. But distinguished scientists such as Sir William Crookes and Professor Brian Josephson (with whom Michael Roll has conducted experiments) have demonstrated it.

In this interview, the host seems somewhat skeptical, but asks reasonable questions. And he gives Roll plenty of time to answer -- no "sound bites" here. Would such a program be made for American TV? It's unlikely.

To accommodate the necessary bandwidth, the interview is divided into six parts. When each part concludes, you are presented with the opportunity to go to the next part, although they don't seem to be in the right order. But they are labeled correctly.

I really don't have much to add. Roll seems intelligent and sincere, and what he says coincides with a good deal of anecdotal evidence, as well as some spiritual teachings.



David said...

Oh...when I first saw the word "bandwidth," I thought you were talking about the bandwidth of the connection to the other world.

Very low, I would imagine; something like the bandwidth of the ELF transmissions to submerged submarines...

Rick Darby said...


The bandwidth of the connection to the Other Side is very limited. That's why we need good mediums!