Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Global warming": The next excuse for the Mexican Invasion

Sorry, Gringos, we got los global hots, you got us.

The leftist media have latched onto a new study to help them promote la Reconquista.

A reduction in crop yields caused by climate change could mean up to 6.7 million additional Mexicans will emigrate to the United States by 2080, says a study by Princeton University researchers.

A reduction in crop yields caused by global warming could mean up to 6.7 million additional Mexicans will emigrate to the United States by 2080, says a study by Princeton University researchers. The authors say that a 10 percent decline in agricultural productivity would lead two percent of the Mexican population to migrate.
Stories in the Christian Science Monitor, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, and Reuters can't decide what they're more gleeful about: another bunch of "academic experts" waving the global warming flag, or the prospect of yet more Mexicans overrunning the United States.

In none of these news propaganda pieces is there so much as a suggestion that the United States doesn't have to accept a new wave of invasion ("human migration"). This faith-based prediction of a heat wave south of the currently borderless border will send more millions of Mexicans to El Norte.

End of story. What, you thought it was possible to stop "migration"? That would make an owl laugh.
"Indeed it looks like the climate change could be an important factor in future migration," said Oppenheimer, a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. "It underscores the need to grapple with greenhouse gases."
Oppenheimer, old boy, you go get yourself another grant to grapple with greenhouse gases (commonly known in academic dole-receiving circles as a GGGG). Some of us are going to grapple with another "important factor in future migration": the federal government's policy of population replacement and erasing immigration control.
Oppenheimer stressed that the study did not address the cause of the variation in climate that affected Mexican crops. He also said it did not look at whether the migrants moved to the United States legally.
Of course not. He's a Princeton professor. He has his tenure-based sinecure, Party membership in the ruling class, and his dacha in the country. Why should he care if a bunch of border state community college riff-raff have to live in occupied territory? They're probably global warming deniers, to boot. Serves 'em right.

"Yet, to our knowledge, no study has directly associated a component of the increase in emigration with changes in climate, despite numerous reports and anecdotes of Mexican farmers fleeing to the United States because they no longer could maintain their previous way of life because of climate-driven crop failures."
Well, Professor Oppenheimer, some of us intend to maintain our previous way of life despite climate-driven patriotism failures like you. You might think about fleeing before the climate gets too hot for you.



IlĂ­on said...

I fear that the "cold civil war," which has been going on longer than we've been alive, will have to turn hot to resolve it. I don't want that, but I also don't want to go where the "liberals" intend us to go.

Maria said...

Gotta love the P.R. advisors for the open borders movement. What a lovely shot of our new "citizens."