Friday, July 09, 2010

"Say no to work. Say yes to looting."


I am here today to speak to you about a grave threat to civil order. I speak of the so-called Tea Partyers, a mob of rabid white grievance nursers ready at any time to boil over into rioting. Our intelligence services have reliably reported that the Tea Partyers do not "look like America" and include a number of ex-military personnel. Let no one underestimate the danger of this fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, germ-ridden, uncontrollable mob. Be on guard.

In other news

After dark, mobs form, smash windows, loot
(07-08) 23:33 PDT OAKLAND -- There was outrage, there was looting and there were skirmishes between police and protesters, but that wasn't the whole story of how Oakland reacted to the Johannes Mehserle verdict. …

Sporadic conflicts were quelled quickly early in the evening, but by late night at least 50 people - and maybe as many as 100 - had been arrested as small groups smashed windows, looted businesses and set trash bins on fire.

The violence was contained for much of the early evening within a one-block area near City Hall by an army of police officers in riot gear, but around 10 p.m. a knot of rioters broke loose and headed north on Broadway toward 22nd Street with police in pursuit. They smashed windows of shops including the trendy Ozumo restaurant, and one building was spray painted with the words, "Say no to work. Say yes to looting."


One group tore through the metal gate protecting a Footlocker shoe store on Broadway near 14th Street, shattered a window and emptied the shelves. Soon there were shoe boxes on the street.

Afterward, the group moved across the street and smashed a window at the Far East National Bank building and rampaged inside. Graffiti was sprayed on the bank wall reading "Riot for Oscar." Up and down Broadway within the police lines, skirmishes broke out between officers and small groups of protesters, some wearing black face paint.

They were in blackface? Racists!!!!!!


Officials said the main instigators appeared to be organized "anarchist" agitators wearing black clothing and hoods. Many of the most aggressive demonstrators smashing the windows of banks and shops were white.
That's whites for you. Give 'em half a chance and they revert to type. Scratch a white person and you'll find an anarchist underneath.



Jane said...

Brilliant post and blog. Thank you.

Rick Darby said...


Wow. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What was the point? Community peaceful protests and getting involved politically works.
Idiots looting Foot Locker and a jewlery store solves what?

Mr. Anon said...

"Anonymous said...

Idiots looting Foot Locker and a jewlery store solves what?"

It satisfies the desire to get shoes and bling for free.

Sheila said...

Good post, Rick, but I must respond with what I also told my husband. This keeps happening, and people keep commenting - for what? There's none so blind as will not see - or however it goes exactly. Most whites simply do the mental equivalent of covering their eyes and putting their fingers in their ears and go "Nah nah" when this sort of thing contradicts their fantasy racial utopia. Is this uncivilized behavior by savage blacks truly unexpected? Is their hatred for labor or the fruits of white civilization really such a surprise? Call me jaded, but lately the plethora of these sort of posts across the web - as if they're supposed to surprise me or amaze me or jolt me out of my purported white stupor to take action come mythical November - just bore me. Sorry, it's nothing personal, but same old, same old.

Rick Darby said...


Your feelings are understandable. I would give up in frustration, probably, if I imagined myself to be an influential pundit out to change society and constantly finding that I had no effect.

I remember a blogger who wrote long traditionalist conservative posts almost every day, so thoroughly researched and organized that they were like essays. Many of them were admirable. Then she stopped, probably suffering burnout and feeling she was a voice crying in the wilderness.

So I approach this blog as a simple commentator and view postings as exercises in style. Not that they are insincere, just that my goals are limited to practicing my craft and entertaining a few readers. If I encourage some thinking about subjects that interest me, so much the better. But opinions, including mine, sell at a discount.

Your comments are always appreciated here.

Van Wijk said...

Sorry, it's nothing personal, but same old, same old.

Think of it this way. The current status quo is unsustainable. It must collapse eventually, and the end is going to be incredibly messy. Those of us who are "awake" are better equipped to survive than anyone else. And blogs like this one may become vital not only for the hashing out of new ideas and old problems, but for networking.

Despair is understandable, but it is to be treated with a certain amount of contempt.

Then she stopped, probably suffering burnout and feeling she was a voice crying in the wilderness.

I think I know who you're talking about. It's been nearly a year now since she stopped, and I remember being a bit shocked at the suddenness of it. Any idea what happened to her?

Rick Darby said...

Van Wijk,

Are you thinking of VA? I don't know why she stopped blogging, any more than what I've surmised.

Van Wijk said...

Are you thinking of VA?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps VA is no longer with us? She was not young. If she passed on suddenly or has become hospitalized, how would we know it? She blogged anonymously; her family could not have even known about her blog, so there could have been no one to let her readers know what happened.

OTOH, several female alt-right bloggers I know became private blogs to escape the obnoxious, anti-female "Game" bloggers who started to infest traditionalist sites a year or two ago. I believe that Latte Island was one of them.

--Mary J.

Anonymous said...

Mary J., how perceptive of you! I became ambivalent about blogging, partly because of the increasing misogyny of many of my allies, partly for other reasons. The blog is on the "private" setting to keep my content but not have it available to Google. I've noticed other retired bloggers use the same setting.

BTW, Rick...did you know the convicted BART cop, Mehserle, is being considered for a federal civil rights case or some such? Many commenters on are outraged and consider the whole case to be a lynching.

Public opinion, as seen from the comments at (the liberal San Francisco Chronicle) is on the side of law and order. The Chronicle, being a leftist rag, pretends the black mob speaks for the public. They don't, really, even in the Bay Area.

--latte island

Rick Darby said...


VA still posts holiday greetings from time to time. Perhaps she is on sabbatical.


If you are still blogging, will you give me access? I don't think I have a misogynistic bone in my body.

It is outrageous that the federal vigilantes are now going after the BART cop. A federal indictment, if one should follow, seems to me a clear case of double jeopardy and charging him with a political crime.

Anonymous said...

Rick, I'm not blogging, and in fact I haven't even commented on any of my usual blogs since I quit. This BART cop lynching has me so riled up I have to say something, though. I have mixed feelings...on the one hand, I want Mehserle to have as little trouble as possible, because that's what's right. On the other hand, if the government is so stupid as to go after him, the entire country will be as angry as the Bay Area is right now. This is potentially bigger than the OJ case, and if the feds go after Mehserle, every decent person, including liberals, will see what the civil rights movement has become.


Anonymous said...

"Mary J., how perceptive of you! I became ambivalent about blogging, partly because of the increasing misogyny of many of my allies, partly for other reasons."
I feel exactly the same way, LI. And I miss your blog!
"I don't think I have a misogynistic bone in my body."
I know you don't, Rick. And that's why I still read your blog, alone of probably all the alt.right blogs I used to read. You stock went sky-high in my estimation when you made clear your disapproval of the "Game" creeps.

--Mary J.