Saturday, July 03, 2010

Is there anything left to celebrate?


It would not seem so.

The United States of America is unrecognizable to any of us who can remember a time before the mid-'60s, although the roots of our present state of siege long predate our own lives. Today a Marxist-oriented Left owns the mass media, the schools, academia, the government. But it's not only the Left that has leached virtue out of the Republic. Trans-national capitalists wouldn't know patriotism if it bit them, unless the bite took something out of the balance sheet.

The terrible condition we have arrived at is not due to one or the other, but to an under-the-table alliance of both.

Both want the same, for different reasons. The Left craves absolute power on the specious grounds of creating what can never be, a heaven on earth. Such fantasies always tend toward absolute power for a Politburo (by whatever name), and a hell on earth for les citoyens or the proletariat or whatever group is the nominal beneficiary of the ruling class.

The trans-national corporations know no loyalty to anything or anyone except themselves. They transfer employees from New York to Shanghai as readily as companies used to transfer employees from Weehawken to Jersey City. Nations are just a nuisance: you never know when some nutty legislature or citizen group will try to regulate them. The world is a market, a financial playground for the People Who Matter, the CEOs and international bankers.

The Left hand does know what the Right hand is doing, and vice versa, and they shake on the deal: this nationhood thing, July 4 and all that stupid garbage, is old and in the way.

Look, you guys who run the corporations, you go outsource every job to China -- wait, the Chinese are starting to get impatient about their $5 a day, let's see, Thailand, Vietnam, whatever. And while you're at it, get rid of those middle classes, we know we can't put them in front of a firing squad like in the good old days, but you can kick them out onto the street and import Indians on HB-1 visas.

Meanwhile, we'll do the class warfare number -- we've had a lot of practice, down to a science, y'know? -- and dial up the heat with racial warfare, tell all those minorities how oppressed they are by whites and the only thing standing in their way is racism. They love that stuff, eat it three meals a day, welfare plus reparations.

And on top of that, hey, are you ready for this, we've even got a plan for the holdouts. Population replacement. We import Third World desperados by the millions, tell everybody it's good for them, the Statue of Liberty ordered it. You guys get el cheapo labor, the last of the white middle class pays the welfare bill, we get the votes. Like a Declaration of Dependence, ha ha! Win-win!

* * * *

So is there anything left to celebrate?

The Left and the Corporate State agree that the United States is nothing but an idea. The Constitution, liberty, free speech, an unmuzzled press, traditional national origins, that's not what the country is about. No, it's just an idea. It consists of, "I got across the border! I'm an American! I'm the future! You gringos can curl up and die, we got birthright citizenship, we got the numbers!"

Well they're right about the United States as idea, but not the way they imagine.

The founders of the United States of America had an idea based on their knowledge of history. They understood human nature. They understood the drunken euphoria of power. They knew that central governments aggrandize themselves against subsidiary authority and local organization. The record of mankind told them that, and they were determined to create a system that could stand against the baser part of human nature.

Their answer was to divide power and to create institutions that would maintain that division. They came up with a Constitution that restricted the central power. It said bluntly that the responsibilities of the national government were limited. Everything else was none of its business.

That principle has taken a beating. The country was hardly a teenager when a Supreme Court justice decided that the court could decide whether a law -- federal, state, or local -- was constitutional, a "right" nowhere included in the Constitution. Congress should have ordered that jurist tried for treason, and unless he recanted he should have had his neck stretched. It didn't happen. So today we have nine unelected Supreme Court justices who decide, based on their own politics, whether to permit laws passed by the people's representatives. Their rule cannot be overturned. No wonder the greatest prize a president or party can win is the lifetime appointment of a Supreme Court capo.

That was only the beginning. It's gone downhill from there, not always in a straight line, with resistance that has sometimes been successful, but still -- we now live under Washington, like a South American banana republic lives under its el Presidente or Generalissimo.

Happy Fourth of July.



Sheila said...

While I hate to continually rain on people's parades, I must concur with your excellent post, Rick. Amidst all the rah-rah-Republican posts, paeans to anticipated "victory" this November, and insistence that despite all evidence our nation is strong and will endure which saturate the web this weekend, yours is one of honesty and sanity. That unholy trilogy which you so clearly indict - class warfare, population replacement, and transnational corporations - has gutted this country's economic base and degraded its citizenry to interchangeable economic cogs. Without massive and necessarily violent change (please note, government readers/censors, I am not explicitly advocating such herein) these forces represent a tsunami that is already unstoppable. With more than 50% of the births in this country to "minorities" (what term will they come up with for the ever-dwindling number of whites?) and more than 50% of the voters choosing dependence rather than liberty, the die has been cast and all the happy-talk in the world won't change demography. As usual, today I warned my husband not to bother to read the paper (which we get twice a week only for the coupons and grocery store ads). From the front page section (all Obama all the time) to the Metro (an adult, technically-legal Mexican here celebrates his 6th grade graduation in Spanish) to the Sports (two Dominican baseball players involved in visa and marriage fraud get their visas and celebrate their new-found American freedom in Spanish) through the lifestyle section (a Colombian and a Pakistani who met at college in the U.S. celebrate their all-American marriage and family) to Parade (what the 4th means to me: bbqs, fireworks, and diversity) and the comics (our rainbow citizenry, liberty is an international value), our gullible entitlement voters of the universal franchise continue to ingest this toxic stew and proclaim it truth. Happy fourth, indeed.

Rick Darby said...


Too right, I'm afraid. A few years ago, I was optimistic, "American Velvet Revolution" and all that. Now it is clear that, barring some unforeseeable event, it's over. I'm glad I'm getting old.

zazie said...

personally, I'd rather be younger, to be able to DO something useful in the years to come ; or should I say "after" the years to come, when it is high time to start and build again....Unfortunately, I'll have to burden my son with this task.