Saturday, August 07, 2010

First anger, then ... what?

Loads of people in this country are angry. About a federal government that recruits immigrants, legal and illegal, for population replacement. About a federal judiciary that overturns any law voted by state residents that disagrees with their Lordships' neo-Marxist ideology. About slanted news reporting by the mass media, tailored to meet the needs of the ruling class that we looked at in the previous posting. About official racial bias against whites, and minorities who will never give up playing the victim even as they benefit from legally enforced preferences. And so much more.

The trouble is ... nobody knows what to do with the anger.


The Left has taken over every civic institution, from grade schools to the State Department to the government bureaucracies. The Supreme Court now exercises ultimate authority that cannot be overridden -- an authority nowhere authorized in the Constitution, but what do they care? The egomaniac Chief Justice John Marshall asserted it, a snakebite toxin that has been flowing through the national veins since and has now reached the heart.

How do you play a game where the other side makes the rules and defines the terms?

The Resistance (including the Tea Partyers, a handful of Republicans often scorned in their own party, a few media figures like Glenn Beck) get belligerent, but it's noise and the Left Establishment knows it. They've got the power and can afford to let their opponents blow off steam, although people like that really shouldn't be allowed to criticize their Ivy League and ethnic grievance industry masters.


There are local pockets, even states, where the Resistance is strong. But it doesn't matter when the country is no longer a republic where state power can stand against the Washington behemoth.

Anger by itself will avail nothing. And while it would be emotionally satisfying to pry loose a bunch of incumbents from their Washington sinecures, and above all to vote out the Failed Messiah, I'm not sure it would be more than a gesture. Majority leaders and presidents come and go. The bureaucracy and judiciary have lifetime jobs.

What to do, then?


For whatever it's worth, I think the best hope lies in state (not individual) civil disobedience. Do you imagine anyone in Washington would dare send the Army into Arizona to enforce open borders? A president who tried that would be taken into custody for his own protection.

We have to do something besides being angry. Ask yourself: what, when, how, and what cost you are willing to bear.



Anonymous said...

Your question is what keeps me awake at night. Who fires the proverbial first volley from my ilk (i.e. the Country Folk as described in the previous post)? And what will that volley look like? What state will finally say no mas? The elites are everywhere and in every state and the welfare portion of that conglomerate is also in every state and they have the franchise.

Is the volley violence? I.e. here are 50 million country folk, we are all willing to die for our cause, will you let us go peacefully or are you going to mow us all down?

Separation? Succession seems to me to be the only hope, but for that 50M country folk to really move it is going to have to get VERY painful before they are willing.

All I know is the elites live by lies and eventually the truth prevails. Gravity does not lie and this great big liberal/elite cluster will eventually crumble. Will there be any Country Folk left to carry on?

Rick Darby said...

Individually, we can't do more than protest. Even that might be a risk.

Still, he ruling class has problems of its own. It occupies a paradoxical position: seemingly triumphant, yet faced with serious and growing opposition. It wasn't supposed to be like this. The peasants were supposed to be pacified at this stage of the globalist/New Marxist takeover.

If the Left in power gets too nervous, it might take the gloves off and drop the "soft" tyranny for a more overt flavor.

But in case of mass civil disobedience, it's hard to believe the Left Establishment would meet it with force, although the possibility cannot be entirely dismissed.

I keep returning to an unhappy reality: there is no "United" States any more. I can see no way of reconciling the differences that have now split the country for 40 years and seem to grow more intense by the day.

We need a constitutional amendment providing a process for lawful and peaceful secession. The idea will seem laughable to most people now. Mark my words, they will take it seriously a little farther down the road we're on.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Darby,

Anon here again. I too agree the ONLY hope is secession.

White liberals are really and truly mentally ill and the mentally unstable can be dangerous and/or suicidal, therefore they probably will not let us go freely.

The third worlders (and I include the descendants of slaves here) may not be bright enough to realize by letting the Country Folks go they have freed the proverbial golden goose. The majority of them probably believe it is all Whitey's fault and if they would just leave they'd be perfect. Although, they do tend to follow us wherever we flee to in our relentless white flight. So I don't know how much resistance we'll get from them. Of course if the Country Folk ever say no mas the Thirld Worlders will not have a chance anyway.

The one interesting question will be is if any of the crazy white liberals will ever have the sense knocked into them? And what will that look like? Would Katie Couric have to be gangraped on camera by our beloved Thirld Worlders? Probably not, knocking down the Twin Towers did not do it.

BTW, you have a great blog. You are one of the few bloggers I would like to break bread with, most of the HBDers are too off putting with their atheism even though I agree with their race realism.

Rick Darby said...


You write: White liberals are really and truly mentally ill and the mentally unstable can be dangerous and/or suicidal, therefore they probably will not let us go freely.

That may be too sweeping a generalization. I know white liberals who are not mentally ill or unstable -- well, no more unstable than the rest of us. Their behavior reminds me of people operating under a post-hypnotic suggestion: you can hypnotize someone, tell him that at precisely 3:30 pm he will put his shoes in the refrigerator, and that he will forget the instruction when he is awakened from the trance. Sure enough, he'll put his shoes in the fridge at bang on 3:30, without knowing why or even thinking there is anything strange about it.

The educational system and the mainstream media are the hypnotists in this analogy. Liberalism, guilt, and looking to government to scratch every itch just seem normal and natural to those who are in the "trance."

But while this kind of mental programming is hard to overcome, many have already snapped out of it. When reality time and again fails to coincide with the programmed messages a state of cognitive dissonance is created. That is so uncomfortable that it can provoke extreme reactions ... one of which is a rejection of the conditioning and a 180-degree mental turnaround.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was generalizing, but man o man how much will it take to break the spell? At some point we have to call it like we see it. And if someone is so painfully oblivious to reality when does it pass from being hypnosis to neurosis?

Again, you have a great blog and insight to the human condition. I really appreciate you taking the time to share with us.

Rick Darby said...


Thank you. I appreciate it because I've had a hard time blogging lately -- feeling that I've been writing below my own standard, that my postings have been obvious and repetitive. But that comes with the territory. A blogger is going to have some days when the words don't flow. But I remind myself that even if I'm not satisfied with an entry, some reader might find value in it.

Van Wijk said...

What to do, then?

Just as important is what not to do, and that is to give in to despair. I don't consider you a defeatist, Rick, but it does seem that defeatism is embraced by a substantial portion of the rightosphere, particularly certain HBD'ers.

What we can do, besides making those necessary preparations for physical self-defense, is identify the enemy's weaknesses. There are many. You wrote:

The peasants were supposed to be pacified at this stage of the globalist/New Marxist takeover.

Indeed. The ruling class didn't take into account that those tribes imported to destroy the Caucasian majority might have agendas of their own. Moreover, these tribes weren't supposed to despise each other, but they do. This can be used to our advantage.

The ruling class is also wildly ignorant of economic realities. It is my belief that the power of the ruling class is directly tied to a strong economy and a high standard of living, which is directly related to tolerance. We are in for an economic cataclysm of some kind. The chaos that ensues can also be used to our advantage.

I have been a strident secessionist for the past few years. Secessionists would do well to move into the heartland, to those states which still enjoy overwhelming Caucasian majorities and where most of the country's food is produced. Concentrated pockets of like-minded communities are far better able to weather the coming storm than individuals living anonymously in enemy territory.

Rick Darby said...

Van Wijk,

Yes, the economic debacle created by our ruling class through their ignorance of the need for investment, productivity, and a solid currency is going to get worse. That's a wild card whose consequences are hard to predict, but it's another probable game changer.

And you make a good point that it's time for us to be talking strategy, not complaining. I've long criticized VDare for simply being an outlet where people can feel better by griping. Well, it's down to the rest of us to be discussing what needs to be done.

Maybe we are not fitted by background for the role, never set out to be political strategists. That may turn out to be an asset because we lack well-worn habits to restrict our thought processes. We have to be unorthodox and creative.

Anonymous said...

There is only one way to change the game - war.

I think we are heading to war with Islam. I don't see how we can avoid it.

Anonymous said...

There is now an increasing disconnect between the ruling or political class, and the public. This is evident right across the Western world, as the political class implements policies that are totally against the wishes of the people, but which it believes are not only right but the people are too stupid to understand. The contempt and condescension of the ruling class is evident in every TV appearance.

Here is an article by Canadian David Warren

Fearless advice

It would be intemperate to describe this political class as "bloodsucking parasites." Certainly, from what I can see, this is not their self-image. Instead I find they self-identify around the conceit of being smarter and wiser than the "mainstream" of the general population. And it is a conceit so deeply felt, and casually expressed -- at its best in the tone of "noblesse oblige" -- that I would like to see more comparative information. For I'm not sure that, on the average, the "political class" is better educated, even in the narrowest, credentialled sense.

My hope is that the coming civil war can be non-violent. For not only in the States, but here and throughout the Western world, the "perception" among the "mainstream," that we have lost control of our own lives to a class of political masters, is growing inexorably.

Its not taxation that gets up peoples noses. It is when politicians start to talk down to people, and think they are better then the great unwashed. The contempt of the ruling class for the ordinary man is now plain to see. All revolutions have started because of this reason, - the French, English and American ones.

A war or civil war, is the only way that changes the rules of the game at a stroke. All the old stuff goes out of the window in the exigencies of war.

Its Spring time for Cleanout.

I would prefer an external war, but then, we cant choose can we.