Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hey, Jude

I am not a Catholic, but I have always been fond of St. Jude, one of Jesus's disciples and the patron saint of lost causes. There is probably zero historical knowledge of Jude, but his importance is symbolic: the Church assures the faithful that when God is in the picture, no good cause is ever truly lost.

Paul Weston, the head of the British Freedom Party, is fighting for a cause that in my opinion is already lost: stopping the U.K. from becoming an Islamic, Sharia-enforcing country. As he shows in this video, of a speech he made in London on April 7, Islamization isn't something theoretical; it isn't in the mists of an unforeseeable future; it is occurring now and is well along.


Even today, it's hard for Americans to comprehend what a risk Paul Weston is taking merely by publicly expressing an anti-Islamization view. He could be arrested and charged with a thought crime for this speech, and no mistake. That is Britain today: softened up for 60 years by the Left, which now works hand in hand with radical Muslims, each imagining the other a tool to be discarded later.

Weston looks like a fairly young guy with a lot of time ahead of him. He is taking a chance that he will spend his prime years behind bars in the developing Islamic State of Britain, simply for opposing Muslim domination.

St. Jude, I ask your protection for this man, and for his country.



zazie said...

I'll keep this man's name in my own personal prayer book ;;; Can you do the same for Marine Le Pen ? She will need it I am sure ; such people are really the salt of the earth, in my opinion.

Rick Darby said...

In the United States and Britain, Marine Le Pen wasn't even mentioned in most news stories about the French preliminary election. I didn't expect her to come out on top but I was pretty sure she'd do well. Now the pundits are shocked at how many votes she got!

I don't really care if Sarko is re-elected. He hasn't earned it. Let le socialiste have his turn wrecking France. The following election will be Marine's for the asking.

zazie said...

Something else about Paul Weston : his English sounds particularly pleasant and clear to my ears....Grammatically correct, well pronounced, which makes his meaning easier to catch.
"Ce qui se conçoit bien s'énonce clairement,
Et les mots pour le dire vous viennent aisément".
These lines (XVIIth century!) have become a proverb for all would-be writers or orators, or rather they should be hammered in.....