Friday, April 27, 2012

The passionate weasel: A view from the politically correct right

A self-described "middle aged political heretic" asks in a column for the Baltimore Jewish Times, "Where is the outcry?" Edward ("Braveheart") Leventhal is unhappy about the George Zimmerman lynch mob led by the usual ambulance-chasing reverends.
I do know that the public persecution of George Zimmerman, by “black leaders” such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, black fascists of the New Black Panther Party, liberal idiots such as Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr and by the supposed unbiased mainstream media has been an utter travesty of justice. Former NAACP leader C.L.Bryant accused Jackson and Sharpton of exploiting the tragedy to racially divide the country.  
Okay, I suppose it is some sign of progress that Braveheart feels safe in publishing unkind words about the black Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. But then, "Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant" has given him permission.

That isn't what he sees as the missing outcry, however. The proud heretic then launches into a weaselstrike.

Weaselstrike is a word of my own coinage, as far as I know, meaning an allegedly conservative argument that "concedes the primacy of non-conservative values."

So, at a moment when the ethnic cleansing of whites by blacks is gathering momentum, our Baltimore Braveheart is looking for the outcry ... against crimes committed by blacks against other blacks.
A special report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2007 revealed that somewhere between eight and nine thousand African Americans are murdered annually in the United States of America. Of these murders, African Americans account for 93% of the perpetrators. This analysis is supported by records of the Federal Bureau of Investigation which also showed that in 2005, 49% of all homicide victims in the USA were black and that it came almost solely at the hands of people of their own race. So what we have mostly are young black men killing other young black men. Our jails are filled with young black men not only for crimes of violence but also for drug related crimes adding to another problem in the vicious cycle of black life
The news isn't all bad, though.
What do we know about George Zimmerman? Well, the first thing we found out is that he is not Jewish. And honestly speaking, how many of you reading the Jewish Times right now breathed a collective sigh of relief as I did, because his name sure sounds like he is one of our tribe.  
Braveheart then returns to his regularly scheduled programming.
Just as surely as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease are risk factors for death, so is being a young black male living in the inner city. And the dirty little secret is that no one wants to say anything about it. Someone has to stop this genocide before it is too late.
Uh huh. And just as surely as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease are risk factors for death, so is being a white person when black mobs are on the prowl.

Someone has to stop this genocide before it's too late.



Edward K. Leventhal, MD said...

Not quite sure about the vitriol in calling me Braveheart.

In my community, I am a political heretic. I am a conservative with Libertarian leanings on some social issues.

I personally find the genocide being committed in the name of a womans right to choose to be nauseating.

I find the race baiters Jesse and his buddy Al to be just above lower forms of life.

And I could easily flame those people in a column guaranteed to raise eyebrows, complaints and get me dismissed. Not that I depend on this job for money, I do it for fun but I also do it for a reason.

The greater Jewish Community has been liberal since they were in utero. It took me years to admit to myself that I disagreed with the majority of positions espoused by the Progressive Party who call themselves Democrats.

If I am going to make people wake up and look at their opinions and how they really differ from their parents Democrat Party, I can't take a flame thrower to my blog every time.

Not that I owe you any explanation, however, you were kind enough to respond so I will do so and be the first comment on you blog dated one month ago. If you'd like an example of blogs where I am much less politically correct, I would refer you to one where I reviewed Avatar while I was doing a mens health blog for the Jewish Times.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I suspect that our views are not that different. But if I am going to play to the Jewish Times audience as a political conservative, I need to be mindful of the fact that 99% of the people who read what I write disagree with me and do so emphatically. I want to keep writing, so it is in my best interest to say it in a way that does not rub it in their face. Once the election gets closer, keep an eye out. You will see much more of the real me.

Rick Darby said...

Dr. Lewenthal,

I did not see your response till today.

You personally may be a conservative and libertarian in all kinds of ways; if you say so, I believe you. My objection then shifts to the Baltimore Jewish Times and to your audience, which you say constrains you from speaking entirely as you would like to.

So you are writing for a paper and to readers that require you to tiptoe delicately around racial issues. You can't talk about the black intifada against whites that is being played out all across the country because that's a we-won't-go-there subject.

You can mention part of the black crime wave -- the part that harms blacks -- and be correct as far as that goes. But it's still a weaselstrike in my book, because you're pitching to a population segment for whom blacks are always victims, so you must acknowledge black criminality as one more victimization of blacks.

Well, we each have to call things as we see them and decide on the medium in which to do it, taking into account the limits prescribed by the medium. I could probably write for Salon or the Huffington Post posing as a "progressive," while whispering a few hints of subversion now and again. Thanks, I'd rather be an unknown, unpaid blogger.