Saturday, April 14, 2012

London university to have Sharia Zone

In rapidly Islamizing London, the Muslim tail wags the dog.

Sayeth the Telegraph:
Prof Malcolm Gillies of London Metropolitan University said he wants to create alcohol free areas on campus out of “cultural sensitivity”. About a fifth of students at the university come from Muslim families – many of them young women from traditional homes.

For many of them, the drinking culture among students marred rather than heightened their student experience, he said.
Prof Gillies, an eminent Australian music scholar, said that he was consulting with staff and students about creating alcohol-free areas on the university’s two campuses as part of a major redesign.
The Muslim students whose experience was "marred" by having to share space with alcohol consumers could simply have not gone to the drinking holes with the infidels. But that isn't enough; followers of The Prophet do not wish to sink a glass of firewater, so busybody "Prof Gillies" is determined to carve out a part of the campus where their tender souls need never encounter a feature of British life that has been around since, oh, Julius Caesar's soldiers cursed the cold and rainy northern climate where they'd been sent.

Why stop with alcohol-free zones? I'm sure there are many other facets of London student life that sensitive Muslims take exception to. The best answer might be to have a walled-off Dhimmi Zone, in counterpoint to the Sharia Zone, with separate classes, buildings, student cafeterias, etc. And, naturally, separate drinking fountains.


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Anonymous said...

The prophet who did not make any prophesy, was partial to camel urine. In colour anyway, not too different from lager.