Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sign of the Times

Leftist radicals are smarter than conservatives.

Not intellectually, but tactically. They are more clever in grafting their agenda onto the society they're determined to remake.

Radicals understand the power of the fait accompli. They know that each time they attain a goal, by fair means or foul, the chances of a rollback are slim. Then they move on to the next goal. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Most people aren't driven in the way leftists are. I don't think Yeats got it quite right ("the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity"). The best are full of passionate intensity about the best things -- and that doesn't include the politics of totalitarian utopias. Their deepest values tend to be human ones: family, friends, spirituality, work, hobbies, sports, arts, science. Those are more real to them than power trips.

Humans are adaptable. Very. That's useful in many cases, but a poor defense against the creeds of madmen. At a certain point ordinary people's anger dulls, the sense of urgency dissipates. They learn to live with the new normal. Eventually they don't much notice. They have kids, the kids grow up with no concept of how it was before the revolutions large and small. And the ratchet gear turns another notch.

On the home page of the Los Angeles Times today:

Los Angeles, California is really a second Tijuana, Mexico, and it is becoming more so every day. Los Angeles, California, may have as many as three million hardy souls who at some time crossed the border illegally and have remained together – maintaining their native tongue and lifestyle above all else. There are more people of Mexican descent in Los Angeles than in any other place on earth except Mexico City. There are even more Spanish speaking radio stations in Los Angeles than there are English speaking stations. When Mexican politicians want to reach their second largest national constituency they leave Mexico and come to Los Angeles. Yes, the Mexican illegal alien population in Los Angeles makes it the second most populous Hispanic city in the world and their votes do count. 

That's from, which is, needless to say, "privately managed and not subject to the direction of the United States Border Patrol." It's a candid and powerful description of what de facto open borders have created, by people who are in a position to know. 

For example: "The violence of Tijuana, Mexico often sends AK-47 rifle fire over the border and into U.S. Border Patrol vehicles. To limit the mayhem, many Border Patrol vehicles used in dangerous areas -- even a quarter mile north of the border -- are fully armor plated.

Is this cross-border gunfire not an act of war? But our Attorney General approved a dim-witted scheme that exported automatic rifles to Mexico. We can't even get him impeached. We should tell Mexico that they will stop sending their gangs and surplus population to the United States -- or else. But we don't. We adapt to "reality."

The United States is today scarcely more than a geographic expression and a legal system that perverts the original spirit of the Constitution. It will split up in the next 30 years, destroyed by the progressive and globalist capture of the government, media, and academia.

Only one question matters about the transition: will we have a constitutional amendment setting the rules for peaceful secession by states, or will we have another war of federal suppression à la 1861–65?


Roberto Masioni said...

The merger of the North American continent continues uninterrupted.

Rick Darby said...

Rusty, it is not a merger. It is a hostile takeover.